Thursday, February 28, 2013

Growing Up

I have been REALLY slacking on the ole blog.

I blame work and just getting out of the habit. But things are slowing down and I hope to post more soon.

I have mentioned it before (I think), but Abby's whole world has changed. Apparently now that she is 4, she can do all kinds of new things. 

One thing that she added to the list was hanging her clothes. 

Honestly, I was occupied with getting stuff ready for a consignment sale tonight so when I heard her mention a stool and her Bible, I didn't think anything of it. 

But this is what I found....

She had her stool and her Bible set up so that she could hang a few shirts up.

She was SO proud. 

Of course, 5 seconds later, she pulled 3 shirts down in this process. But still, she was thrilled about being able to hang her clothes up.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Here We Go....

 After a weekend spent with my 8 best friends in Gatlinburg...and no sleep...I still stayed up to watch the Oscars! 

In no particular order, here are my favs (and hates). 

You Got This:

I might have a bit of a Friends obsession, so I am very partial to Jennifer Anniston. 

But I think she looked beautiful. Not overdone or underdone. 

Just classic Oscar. 

I love this couple. Love them. Jennifer Garner's dress was gorgeous, especially the back. Love the color and love her. 

My bestie calls Amy Adams my "celebrity twin", I think it is due to the pale skin ;)

I thought this dress was gorgeous. It was a light grey and just so pretty. Perfect for the Oscars. 

This was "the dress" to watch for. J-Law is the IT girl right now. I get the feeling she hates this red carpet crap, but none-the-less she was stunning. And falling up the stairs will forever be a memory. 

I have always loved this Jennifer (wow, there is a lot of Jennifer's). Her weight watchers success makes her all the more amazing. I normally don't like cray-cray dresses for the Oscars, but she pulled this one off. Gorgeous hair. 

 Beautiful coral, beautiful beading. I LOVE when people are hot (as in her new show, Scandal) and totally whip out a great dress for awards.

Perfection. Great color, age-appropriate and her hair and make-up are flawless. 

If you saw this on the carpet, the beading was amaze-balls. The color is great and she looked fantastic. 

 Hollywood royalty. Very hard to go wrong. Tip your stylist. 

 The Queen rocks. I think I have already used every positive adjective I know, so let's just say she rocks. Most people, I would say "wedding dress, maybe" but she rocked it. 

This was my favorite dress. The ombre at the bottom was so stylish and I just heart it. Beading at the top = Oscars magic.

Call Me...Maybe

I'm so torn on this one...for goodness sake it is Charlize (who got to dance with Channing Tatum, swoon). It was a little plain for my taste, but I love her hair. So she gets the in-between vote. 

I just couldn't love it. I think it was the bodice piece that I hated. But she is another Hollywood Royalty so I can't put her in the misses. 

Better Luck Next Year

Great dress....didn't get fitted correctly. The top was way too loose and should have fit better. And pale girls really have to be careful with silver. Sometime flattering, sometimes washes you out (see Amy Adam above for correct coloring).

I might have teared on this one. I think if the shoulder pads were removed, I might have loved it. 

Red hair must be so hard to match with. And pale skin. I just didn't care for it. 

I think I have said it before - fire your stylist! All I can think is....mermaid gone wrong. 

 Weird cut. Probably too fashion forward for me (spoken from a girl in her sweat pants).

Train wreck. A brush would have helped. And makeup. This is the OSCARS, people! 

Loved the bun. That chain around the neck was so wrong. Oh so wrong. 

 Surprised me....but I hated this dress. TOO Oscars. You are NOT supposed to be THE Oscar! 

And the performance from Chicago was one of the most disturbing things I have seen in a long time. 

Stay Home Next Time

 She got her own hashtag (#HathawayNipple). This was the most unflattering dress of the evening. I love the hair....short hair is in....but man, she destroyed it with that dress. I am so disappointed. I have to say, she lost that Oscar because of that dress.

My eyes, My eyes! 

I can only giggle when I see this dress. I am terrified to talk about "her" since she Internet trolls her name and then verbally vomits on anyone that talks about her. 

But seriously, you are not helping your "I am not a slut" campaign with this dress. Because you sure as sh*t look like one.


So what are your thoughts?

 I totally just realized I left out the limping train wreck, but it is late and it is not happening.

Only one more year until the next Oscars....I'm off to watch the movies now!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bday Parties

First, let's check out my painted laundry room.

Before: Same color as the rest of the house. 

 After: A Soft, Relaxing Blue Color.

 On one hand, it reminds me how much I hate painting. But then when it is done, I am just so happy I did it. 

Abby never naps, except at day care. But never at home.

I guess while I was painting, she decided to fall asleep though! 

A "running" Princess. 

Last Saturday, we had 2 Birthday parties for kids in Abby's class. 

The first one was Spiderman themed. This mother was on top of her game. She had crafts for the kiddos that included making their own web, throwing sticky things against a backdrop of a city, and silly sting wars.

Then Spiderman showed up with lots of games to play.

Abby was not a huge fan. 

After that we were off to a gymnastics party. I sat and talked with the parents while the kiddos ran wild.

Only picture I took, but it pretty much sums the party up. Crazy, crazy times....

For Abby's wellness visit in the beginning of January.....croup. 

End of January.....the flu.

Today.....viral infection. 

I am so over the sickness, fevers, coughing, runny noses. Time for summer!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow! Snow!

 We had a mini-snowstorm here on Saturday morning. People freaked out, roads were closed, we stayed in. 

I did send Stu out for paint, so Ill share those pics in another post.

Abby didn't really care to wear her gloves, but once she realized how cold the snow was she kept them on. 

She got a huge kick out of eating the snow. 

Except for when she spit it out. 

The best snow was on the back porch. 

Ali eating the snow as well. 

A little upset about the amount of show that was sticking to her gloves. 

Snow angels on the back deck.

 Cleaning off the outdoor fire pit. 

Snow was melted by the early afternoon and it is now about 50 outside. 

This has been some crazy TN winter weather!