Friday, February 15, 2013

Bday Parties

First, let's check out my painted laundry room.

Before: Same color as the rest of the house. 

 After: A Soft, Relaxing Blue Color.

 On one hand, it reminds me how much I hate painting. But then when it is done, I am just so happy I did it. 

Abby never naps, except at day care. But never at home.

I guess while I was painting, she decided to fall asleep though! 

A "running" Princess. 

Last Saturday, we had 2 Birthday parties for kids in Abby's class. 

The first one was Spiderman themed. This mother was on top of her game. She had crafts for the kiddos that included making their own web, throwing sticky things against a backdrop of a city, and silly sting wars.

Then Spiderman showed up with lots of games to play.

Abby was not a huge fan. 

After that we were off to a gymnastics party. I sat and talked with the parents while the kiddos ran wild.

Only picture I took, but it pretty much sums the party up. Crazy, crazy times....

For Abby's wellness visit in the beginning of January.....croup. 

End of January.....the flu.

Today.....viral infection. 

I am so over the sickness, fevers, coughing, runny noses. Time for summer!

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gammydi said...

love the laundry room color... it's so bright and cheery...Abby has had a tough winter with her sicknesses.. hopefully it's over and spring will come.