Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow! Snow!

 We had a mini-snowstorm here on Saturday morning. People freaked out, roads were closed, we stayed in. 

I did send Stu out for paint, so Ill share those pics in another post.

Abby didn't really care to wear her gloves, but once she realized how cold the snow was she kept them on. 

She got a huge kick out of eating the snow. 

Except for when she spit it out. 

The best snow was on the back porch. 

Ali eating the snow as well. 

A little upset about the amount of show that was sticking to her gloves. 

Snow angels on the back deck.

 Cleaning off the outdoor fire pit. 

Snow was melted by the early afternoon and it is now about 50 outside. 

This has been some crazy TN winter weather!

1 comment:

gammydi said...

looks like she enjoyed it... I think you got a bit more then us.. that's the kind of snow I like, here now, gone in 10 minutes... Abby is such a doll... love her so much..