Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Blog Info

Hi! If you are still reading my blog (bless you!), then let me re-direct you to my New Blog.

Exciting News and I promise to actually update this one!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Final July Thoughts

 Final Pictures from July:

Getting Ready to take on Ballet. 

Having a great big dessert

First Movie Date with Bestie Caden

We have spent most of our summer with these lovely kids. Taking a popsicle break. 

And at the end of the summer, it is the perfect time for a haircut. 


***In case I still have anybody still reading the 'ole blog, I will be closing this one (as far as posting new things) and starting over with a new one. Ill share the new address once I have finished creating it!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fourth Of July

 We had a great Fourth of July with lots of friends.

We practiced with sparklers the night before just to prepare her for the next night.

Somehow, we manage to get all the kiddos together in one picture. This is how many kids my friends and I have. It is insane. But the good thing is there are enough ages to keep everyone occupied. 

Once the fireworks really got started the little kids came inside and sat on the couch. Abby found a laptop thing that kept her occupied for about an hour!

It was a great night and the gal that hosted it, had a baby like a week before. But when you offer up your house, we will take you up on it!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Back in the Habit

Abby insisted on getting her "baby book" out the other night to look at pictures. Her baby book is the first year that I blogged.

It made me so sad to realize how negligent I have been with the blog!

So I will be using this week to do some July catching up....stay tuned! 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beach Recap

 A few weeks ago we made a trip to the East Coast to visit Julie and Audrey. We had an amazing time!

On the Airplane - she didn't sleep AT ALL.  We actually got stuck in Charlotte for about 4 hours on what was supposed to be an hour layover. President Obama was landing when we did, so we had to wait. Then there was a delay on the plane that was arriving. As soon as we boarded to leave Charlotte, the President decided to leave as well, so we had to wait on his plane to leave before ours could.

Audrey had a great collection of dress up clothes, which her and Abby loved to play with. 

 Our first night there, there was horrible storms and tornadoes. We spent about an hour in the closet listening to the news. BUT it did make for some pretty awesome waves at the beach the next day. I lived by the beach for 4 years and NEVER saw anything like this. 

Our attempt to get in was pretty much not happening. But Abby did love the sand.

The next day, we went to the Arts by the Sea festival in Swansboro. It was still pretty windy and the girls loved standing on the dock looking for "sea creatures".

This is my favorite picture, complete with Audrey's headband flying off in the wind. 

Then we walked over to a park where the girls posted by a statue. 

Then it was on to Mommy and Me mani/pedis. Abby was in heaven. 

She was soooo good and loved getting her nails and toes painted. 

A bit petrified, I don't think she said one word! 

The next day we went back to the beach where the girls loved making sandcastles. 

Abby as a mermaid. 

Sweet, sweet Audrey as a mermaid as well.

Overall Abby was not that thrilled with the beach. She was ok in the sand, but the ocean was not really her friend. As we were leaving and packing up, Abby let out a blood-curdling scream. I have NEVER heard her scream like that before. I look over and a giant horsefly is on her leg. I am trying to get her to stay still so I can swat it off, she is going nuts. Then the horsefly lands on me and starts BITING me. No wonder she was terrified. Needless to say, she was pretty traumatized. But she did assure me that she would go back when she was 5. Fingers crossed.

On Monday, Julie went to work and Audrey to day care, so we went and played putt-putt golf. Abby loved it 

She was actually pretty good at it!

The next day, our flight out was a 7 AM so we were up about 4:30. I just happened to check my email before we left and had an e-mail that our flight was cancelled. Awesome. A few phone calls later, I was on the next flight at 9:30. We ended up getting home about 3 hours later than what we expected. 

So other than the flight issues, we had a great time visiting our friends. Audrey and Abby got along wonderfully and it was great to catch up with Julie. I can't wait for them to come visit us next time! 

Since the trip, Stu has had knee surgery and I have painted and gotten new floors in the kitchen. Love, love. Pictures to come soon!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Busy Saturday!

 We started June off with a bang! Up at 7:30 and just now resting! 

Yea for completing (surviving) soccer! Today was Abby's last day. She did extremely well until the "game", then picked her nose and watched the ball go by. Overall, I give the season a B. 

Maybe dance is in her future. 

Then I spent 3 hours gutting the landscaping. It was literally a jungle. It looks sooo much better and next year it will be gorgeous. Aunt Pam was a guardian angel to help me out. 

Side note - Stu is on crutches due to a softball injury. This has been an exhausting week of doing all the cooking (ugh!), cleaning and day care runs. Luckily, we are headed to the beach in a few days where I can relax!

After all that, we headed to Sonic for some slushies. I have an insane addiction and convinced Abby to try her first one. She loved it, but only drank a few sips until she decided that it was "too cold". Still time, my friend. 


We spent the afternoon with Amanda and Spencer and Abby decided to take all the pictures.

Her beautiful toes.

Poor Spencer loves her to death and she barely acknowledges him. He hugged her...she pushed him. Just a snapshot of relationships to come.

No Abby pictures would be complete without self portraits.

Well at least this one was nice...

because this one makes me want to sleep with one eye open....

Sunday, May 19, 2013

31 in 31 - Update

After being called out tonight on my 31 in 31 list....I decided to do an update.

People, it is bad. I have about 4 months to GET ON IT! 

1. Run a 5K I love walking them, but would love to run a full 5K this year.....and I HATE running
Real Bad - not even close.
2. Volunteer for 3 major events I know one will be the St Jude's Country Music Marathon, just need 2 more.
Working on it - Didn't do the Country Music because Abby had soccer. I am signed up for my church's Family Night of VBS, but that is it. I am hoping to do a Habitat for Humanity project this summer. And I did sign up to teach a 5 year old Sunday School class for the maybe that counts.
3. Paint my trey ceiling I have wanted to do this since we moved in, I am determined to do it this year.
Real Bad - Not even close to picking out a color.
4. Paint Abby's bathroom Ever since we painted our bathroom, Abby has been asking to paint hers.
Working on it - I did paint the laundry room, but I haven't gotten to her bathroom. However, we are getting new floors in the kitchen and I am planning on painting the kitchen before this. Wishful thinking, I have the color picked out.
5. Define my foyer area Our house is very open, the foyer runs into the dining room into the living room. But I have seen some amazing foyers and would love to somehow make ours "pop".
Real Bad - I got nothing.
6. Pay off credit card debt I don't have much, but I just need to bite the bullet and get it done.
Working on it - I have been slowly eating away at it. My current goal is before Oct so my bonus doesn't have to go towards debt.
7. Read some classic books (instead of garbage) I love reading, but would love to read books that have been around the block (I'm thinking Gone with the Wind, Anna Karenina, The Great Gatsby, Huckleberry Finn)
Real Bad - But...I have been reading alot of Business Books. And I plan on reading The Great Gatsby before I see the movie.
8. Buy (some) of my blog. Goal is at least 2 years worth The whole point of my blog was originally to turn it into a book.
Working on it - I bought one year at least!
9. Enjoy Disney World I was actually looking for an older post and came across this one. Haha - I am making my Disney dream come true.
Done - We had a blast. We already have plans to go back in a few years.
10. Plan another family vacation I'm thinking something smaller like Gatlinburg or The Biltmore
Real Bad - Nothing planned.
11. Visit my friend Julie I haven't been back to NC in over a year and would love to go and stay a long weekend with her
Done! We are going for 6 days in June.
12. Re-do my blog I am just over re-doing it (can't you tell) and I want to just to be done with it, just pay someone to do it
Real Bad - The blog has def. been neglected.
13. Teach Abby to read I think she is super close and would love for her to start out kindergarten with the basics
Working on it - She is doing excellent with her sight words. She is on book 8 of her reading schedule. I do think she is a genius :)
14. Cook more I can only commit to this on the weekends as it takes me forever to put a meal together
Working on it - I just bought a Groupon for e-meals for a year. It is time to try new things.
15. Send birthday cards Who doesn't like getting mail?
Real Bad - I even put birthdays in the calendar that I made. My problem is getting the cards.
16. Frame more recent pictures Most of my framed pictures are pre-Abby or early Abby, I really need to update them
Real Bad - But...I did just get new pictures done. Planning on printing and framing in the next month.
17. Start a garden I have a sweet little area in the backyard and am determined to grow at the very least tomatoes next year
Done - My tomatoes (on the second try) are slightly thriving. And I have strawberries in a pot that I have high hopes for. All I can do is try.
18. Make a Minnie Mouse cake I can do this, I know it.  
Done - And loved it!
19. Finally, get back to pre-Abby weight Im getting closer...just a few more things to change
Real Bad - Nothing to say.
20. Paint another picture Last July, I did the Sips and Strokes where I painted a picture that is in my bedroom, I had a blast and want to do another
Real Bad - Nothing planned.
21. Track my reading Keep up with what I am reading and how much, yes - I'm a nerd
Real Bad - I just keep reading and reading....but not tracking!
22. Go to the Atlanta Zoo We love the, there is an IKEA in Atlanta ;)
Working on it - We did go to the Aquarium last weekend, so maybe getting closer. I could knock out this one and #10 in one try though...
23. Add nice pieces to my wardrobe Oh how I need a makeover, hopefully this is coming soon
Working on it - I got a great start. Still working on it though. I tend to fall in my favorites.
24. Get a pedicure I tend to only do this when I am in weddings, I need to just splurge and do it
Working on it - In a wedding in August, so probably getting a pedicure, that counts, right?
25. Go to a concert Hello...I live in Nashville, concerts galore
Working on it - I could kick myself for waiting on Justin Timberlake tickets. I went to buy them 7 hours after they went on sale...sold out! Blake Shelton is coming in the fall and I am going to get them!
26. Pay it Forward at a drive-through I don't eat much fast food, but I would love to "surprise" the person behind me with a free meal (and drive off before they realize it)
Real Bad - I must try to remember this one.
27. Hang a wreath on it. I love wreathes and want to hang seasonal ones. 
Working on it - Haha...I made a wreath in November and it is still there. I just need to bite the bullet and buy them.
28. Watch a black and white movie. Years ago I went through an old movie phase and loved it, I would love to see another.
Real Bad - not even one.
29. Wax those brows. My eyebrows are fine, but I feel SOO much better when they are waxed. 
Real Bad - Not done (And I am embarrassed to say how long)
30. Blog more. This ties in with number 8. I want to post at least 5 times a week to keep up with Abby. 
Real Bad - I will make my excuse....I work too much. Def. something to work on.
31. Enjoy the year!
Working on it - Always a work a progress!

Well I have 4 months to get it together!  

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gymnastics and Strawberries

 This past Monday, Abby's Tumbling Class had their medal ceremony. 

She has been going since August but I have never been (She goes during school hours). 

I was so excited to attend as I have only seen what she shows me at home. 

Stretching out before the action. 

This is one of her favorite stretches, "Hold It" she will tell me! 

 Doing a handstand on the balance beam.

I mainly took video so these were the only still shots that I got.

Getting her medal. 

She was beaming. 

 Her tumbling class. Those three little blondes on the left are a handful!

With their sweet teacher. 

I am so glad that she was able to do this at school. We will be signing up next year as well. 

My little gymnast with her medal. 
(Note this picture.....when she makes the Olympics, this will be her first picture)


We have been rained out almost a month, but we went back to soccer today. 

Waiting her turn to kick the ball. 

This cracked me up. Don't these just look like girls gossiping instead of playing soccer?
The girl in the black socks kept playing with Abby's hair - she was not loving it! 


May is strawberry picking month and I actually remembered this year. 

After soccer, we headed to the strawberry patches. 

It was pretty muddy out, so Abby wore her rain boots. 

This was the tutorial before of only picking the red ones and not the green ones. 

Then my girl was ready! 

Abby said, "This is like Easter Egg hunting with strawberries!"

She was a girl with a purpose....pick lots of strawberries. 

And make sure you get only the best! 

We ended up picking about 4 pounds. I think Abby ate a pound of that. 

I also made a pie, but letting it chill we will see how it turns out tomorrow!