Sunday, May 19, 2013

31 in 31 - Update

After being called out tonight on my 31 in 31 list....I decided to do an update.

People, it is bad. I have about 4 months to GET ON IT! 

1. Run a 5K I love walking them, but would love to run a full 5K this year.....and I HATE running
Real Bad - not even close.
2. Volunteer for 3 major events I know one will be the St Jude's Country Music Marathon, just need 2 more.
Working on it - Didn't do the Country Music because Abby had soccer. I am signed up for my church's Family Night of VBS, but that is it. I am hoping to do a Habitat for Humanity project this summer. And I did sign up to teach a 5 year old Sunday School class for the maybe that counts.
3. Paint my trey ceiling I have wanted to do this since we moved in, I am determined to do it this year.
Real Bad - Not even close to picking out a color.
4. Paint Abby's bathroom Ever since we painted our bathroom, Abby has been asking to paint hers.
Working on it - I did paint the laundry room, but I haven't gotten to her bathroom. However, we are getting new floors in the kitchen and I am planning on painting the kitchen before this. Wishful thinking, I have the color picked out.
5. Define my foyer area Our house is very open, the foyer runs into the dining room into the living room. But I have seen some amazing foyers and would love to somehow make ours "pop".
Real Bad - I got nothing.
6. Pay off credit card debt I don't have much, but I just need to bite the bullet and get it done.
Working on it - I have been slowly eating away at it. My current goal is before Oct so my bonus doesn't have to go towards debt.
7. Read some classic books (instead of garbage) I love reading, but would love to read books that have been around the block (I'm thinking Gone with the Wind, Anna Karenina, The Great Gatsby, Huckleberry Finn)
Real Bad - But...I have been reading alot of Business Books. And I plan on reading The Great Gatsby before I see the movie.
8. Buy (some) of my blog. Goal is at least 2 years worth The whole point of my blog was originally to turn it into a book.
Working on it - I bought one year at least!
9. Enjoy Disney World I was actually looking for an older post and came across this one. Haha - I am making my Disney dream come true.
Done - We had a blast. We already have plans to go back in a few years.
10. Plan another family vacation I'm thinking something smaller like Gatlinburg or The Biltmore
Real Bad - Nothing planned.
11. Visit my friend Julie I haven't been back to NC in over a year and would love to go and stay a long weekend with her
Done! We are going for 6 days in June.
12. Re-do my blog I am just over re-doing it (can't you tell) and I want to just to be done with it, just pay someone to do it
Real Bad - The blog has def. been neglected.
13. Teach Abby to read I think she is super close and would love for her to start out kindergarten with the basics
Working on it - She is doing excellent with her sight words. She is on book 8 of her reading schedule. I do think she is a genius :)
14. Cook more I can only commit to this on the weekends as it takes me forever to put a meal together
Working on it - I just bought a Groupon for e-meals for a year. It is time to try new things.
15. Send birthday cards Who doesn't like getting mail?
Real Bad - I even put birthdays in the calendar that I made. My problem is getting the cards.
16. Frame more recent pictures Most of my framed pictures are pre-Abby or early Abby, I really need to update them
Real Bad - But...I did just get new pictures done. Planning on printing and framing in the next month.
17. Start a garden I have a sweet little area in the backyard and am determined to grow at the very least tomatoes next year
Done - My tomatoes (on the second try) are slightly thriving. And I have strawberries in a pot that I have high hopes for. All I can do is try.
18. Make a Minnie Mouse cake I can do this, I know it.  
Done - And loved it!
19. Finally, get back to pre-Abby weight Im getting closer...just a few more things to change
Real Bad - Nothing to say.
20. Paint another picture Last July, I did the Sips and Strokes where I painted a picture that is in my bedroom, I had a blast and want to do another
Real Bad - Nothing planned.
21. Track my reading Keep up with what I am reading and how much, yes - I'm a nerd
Real Bad - I just keep reading and reading....but not tracking!
22. Go to the Atlanta Zoo We love the, there is an IKEA in Atlanta ;)
Working on it - We did go to the Aquarium last weekend, so maybe getting closer. I could knock out this one and #10 in one try though...
23. Add nice pieces to my wardrobe Oh how I need a makeover, hopefully this is coming soon
Working on it - I got a great start. Still working on it though. I tend to fall in my favorites.
24. Get a pedicure I tend to only do this when I am in weddings, I need to just splurge and do it
Working on it - In a wedding in August, so probably getting a pedicure, that counts, right?
25. Go to a concert Hello...I live in Nashville, concerts galore
Working on it - I could kick myself for waiting on Justin Timberlake tickets. I went to buy them 7 hours after they went on sale...sold out! Blake Shelton is coming in the fall and I am going to get them!
26. Pay it Forward at a drive-through I don't eat much fast food, but I would love to "surprise" the person behind me with a free meal (and drive off before they realize it)
Real Bad - I must try to remember this one.
27. Hang a wreath on it. I love wreathes and want to hang seasonal ones. 
Working on it - Haha...I made a wreath in November and it is still there. I just need to bite the bullet and buy them.
28. Watch a black and white movie. Years ago I went through an old movie phase and loved it, I would love to see another.
Real Bad - not even one.
29. Wax those brows. My eyebrows are fine, but I feel SOO much better when they are waxed. 
Real Bad - Not done (And I am embarrassed to say how long)
30. Blog more. This ties in with number 8. I want to post at least 5 times a week to keep up with Abby. 
Real Bad - I will make my excuse....I work too much. Def. something to work on.
31. Enjoy the year!
Working on it - Always a work a progress!

Well I have 4 months to get it together!  

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