Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bathroom Reveal

 This has been SUCH a project. I really forget how much work it is to paint...until I do it. And regret it. And then love it. is the new and improved master bath.

Before Pics:

 This is the view to the right when you look in from the bedroom. I hate builder mirrors and that is always the first thing I want gone.

The view behind the toilet. I also despised these shelves.I think they look cheap and just ugly. 

The view to the right from the closet. 

A pic of the garden tub. There were actually three shelves to the left. They basically just collect dust. 

And I have never even used the garden tub, it is just a place for spiders to build a home. 

 I took this picture after I started painting. I sent it to Stu with the caption, "Hope you weren't attached to those blinds, because I might have ripped them out of the wall". Oops.

After Pics:

New gorgeous mirrors!

(Ignore the glass of wine, I'm telling ya, I was OVER this)

 New toilet pic with no shelves!!! Yay! 

We do have more shelves (with a more built-in style), but I have to paint them first. Not thrilled about that, but ready for new shelves.

 View from the closet. Shelves gone, I am thinking a nice big watercolor paint will go on that wall.

The blinds survived! Stu was able to put them back up. 

And just one more picture of my favorite feature.....the new mirrors. I heart them! 


I am so happy this is done (well other than the shelves). 

But....I will say that I am highly disappointed in the removal of the builder mirror. You can't really see it in these pictures, but there are spots where the glue was and they look less than awesome in real life. 

The paint did not come out at all like I expected but I break out in a huge smile when I walk in this room, so I am pleasantly surprised. 

 Here is what we did:

New mirrors: $32 each (from Kirklands)
Paint: $33 Behr from Home Depot - we have always used Valspar in the past, but will not go back, this paint is awesome. 
Towel Rings: $5 each - the old ones had an ugly white ring on them, so I figured if we were taking them down to paint might as well replace them. 
 Shelves: Ill post pics when I get them painted - Stu picked them up, so don't know what they cost. I have white paint already, so hoping not to have to get more. 
Picture: It is coming, just have to find it! 
Bath Mats: Ours are green, will be looking for new ones, probably light blue (or dark blue, who knows)

So, what do ya think? Not dramatic enough? Whoa on the blue? Leave me a comment.....I feel like my blood, sweat and tears went into this! And I have paint in my eyebrow (don't ask) - I need some reassurance that this was worth my nightmares about paint!


Sue B. said...

Ann, you did a beautiful job...and I think your new mirrors are gorgeous! I too hate those builder mirrors...they are so hard to keep clean also...I can't ever reach the top! Lol.

I love the blue's very soothing! I am redoing my half bath with a "beach" theme...and I am still deciding...either a blue similar to your color...or something in a "sand" color.

You did a terrific job...and the wine does help!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! You really did a good job!

gammydi said...

well I think it looks awesome. It is so bright and cheery now.. love love love it... the mirrors are gorgeous. great job Ann....