Monday, August 20, 2012

Fair Fun

 This past Saturday we took a little road trip to the Wilson County Fair. We had so much fun!

 Abby playing with trucks in the barrel of corn. 

Abby and Daddy walking the hay bales. 

 Abby wanted this balloon so badly. We deflated it to carry it around and she has completely forgotten about it....Glad that it was $10!

 The merry-go-round was her favorite! 
(Julie....bring back any memories??)

Riding giant bees. 

*On a side note, I had to hold it together not to vomit on this ride. Stu refuses to ride anything that goes in a circle....Disney should be lots of fun! We both get so sick from rides. 

Luckily we found one that she could ride by herself (well, with a random friend).

I confess....I can not recall ever riding a Ferris wheel. I don't know why, but they just look super scary. Even the scene in The Notebook makes me sick to watch. 

But Stu wanted to do it and Abby agreed (hiding behind the sign). 

I am not going to lie...I was a nervous wreck when they took off. But Abby seemed to love it and wanted ice cream when she was done. 

I had to take a picture of this rabbit. Abby wouldn't pose with it to really see the scale, but it was freaking giant. It was seriously like 20 plus pounds. I loved it!


When I picked Abby up from Sunday School at church, they mentioned that she just loves "jobs". They said she was the best kid in picking up toys. She loves having tasks to do. 

I had mentioned vacuuming out my car and when Abby saw me head to the garage...she was all over it. 

She kept saying "I'll do the seats and you can do the floor". She had a freaking blast cleaning my car.....I'm all good with that! 

Then she entertained herself by buckling herself in the front seat over and over. 

I love this picture, but it makes me realize that she is growing up too fast.....

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gammydi said...

Abby you are growing up way too fast. so glad you like odd jobs...