Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Night Ramblings

 It has been almost a week since I last blogged (although I did start one, but it won't be published until October).

So....counting that one.....this is my 800th post!!! Just crazy. 


I have been saying for a really long time that Abby needs a new big girl bed. But I just can't find one that I love. The bed does convert to a full bed, but I want a white one. And I am not painting hers (we will just keep this one if we have future kiddos ;) .

And most of the time, it is fine. But then I see pictures like this. She doesn't seem to mind though. 


I am so tired of the TV programs on (well other than Here Comes Honey Boo current love). September can't get here fast enough. I love fall programs! 


Saturday morning Abby and I decided to clean out the bathroom cabinets. 

Abby loves to organize, so she was in heaven. Heck, she moved onto the living room coffee table without me. 


I might have a slight overwhelming obsession with Disney. I know it is 3 months out, but I have been spending way too much time planning it. Stu thinks I'm crazy (big surprise). I even have a notebook dedicated to all things Disney. I am currently obsessed with deciding meals. We have three booked, but need three more. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to leave them! 


On Saturday, we went to a birthday party. I think we have a birthday party every weekend for the next few weeks.

Isn't this just the cutest cake ever? It is from a new bakery in Murfreesboro and it was so delicious! 


Just to toot my own horn, I have lost 9 pounds! I heart Weight Watchers and have really been sticking with it. I feel so much better - it is amazing to me how LITTLE food that I actually need.

I also had a great one-time opportunity at work, so I will hopefully share that in the next few weeks.


Our swimming days are numbered, so we took advantage of the heat today with a jump in the pool. 

My little ham! 

Looking a little Hollywood in the pool.

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gammydi said...

good luck with the bedroom set. We have one that was Susie's if you'd like to take a look at it.. It's a queen size bed with white head board and dresser... you can take a look at it when you come to Evan's bday party if you'd like