Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Fun

 Friday was Abby's last day in her "Senior Two's" Class. She is now officially in the "Senior Three's" class. 

This is a picture of her dressed up for her last day:

They had a party in her classroom to celebrate. 

We went today to meet her new teachers, Ms. Heather and Ms. Ann. They were super sweet and I can tell that this class means business. They even learn Spanish! 

Saturday we took a road trip out to Milton to Caden's Third Birthday. 

Abby pretended to be asleep (but did eventually fall asleep)
These little boys are about a month apart and just the sweetest little things!

 Abby loved playing in the chair that she has long outgrown. 

 Abby and the birthday boy sharing a chair. 

 Caden shared his Cheetos with Abby and then told her that she could help him open presents. 
She did not forget that, so I had to keep an eye on her when it was present opening time.

 Caden was all boy and tore into all his presents. 

It was a pool party, but there was some vicious rain. Finally it passed and the kids were able to get in the pool. 

Abby and her friend, Ethan. This is what you get when you tell them to cheese!

Today we finally found some pieces (and agreed on a paint color) to get started on our bathroom re-do. 

I'm sure that it will take forever as I still haven't finished my frame project. 

One day though.....

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