Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bedtime Wars

Every night is a war to go to bed. 

The process starts at 7 with a 30 minute bath. The good thing about Abby's bathroom is it is right off the living room, so I can use this time to pick up the mess of the day.

Around 7:30 we cuddle. Then pj time, lotion and hair brushing.

Before picture of the crazy hair. 

At 7:55, we read a book in bed. 

Then the fun begins. 

She always has a glass of milk before bed. Sometimes more (on a side note: I don't think we will EVER get out of pull-ups at night). 

She also sleeps with a snow globe that plays music. That I pretty much go in about 5 times to wind up. 

Lately, her "legs hurt, so I need more milk". She has lots of mosquito bites and claims they hurt her legs. Her poor little legs look like we beat her - mosquito bites, bruises, and cuts. I can't really explain to her that milk will solve this problem.

It is usually 8:45 when she finally goes to bed. We are both exhausted by this time.

But I have to remember these moments, as they just fly by! 

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