Saturday, May 18, 2013

Gymnastics and Strawberries

 This past Monday, Abby's Tumbling Class had their medal ceremony. 

She has been going since August but I have never been (She goes during school hours). 

I was so excited to attend as I have only seen what she shows me at home. 

Stretching out before the action. 

This is one of her favorite stretches, "Hold It" she will tell me! 

 Doing a handstand on the balance beam.

I mainly took video so these were the only still shots that I got.

Getting her medal. 

She was beaming. 

 Her tumbling class. Those three little blondes on the left are a handful!

With their sweet teacher. 

I am so glad that she was able to do this at school. We will be signing up next year as well. 

My little gymnast with her medal. 
(Note this picture.....when she makes the Olympics, this will be her first picture)


We have been rained out almost a month, but we went back to soccer today. 

Waiting her turn to kick the ball. 

This cracked me up. Don't these just look like girls gossiping instead of playing soccer?
The girl in the black socks kept playing with Abby's hair - she was not loving it! 


May is strawberry picking month and I actually remembered this year. 

After soccer, we headed to the strawberry patches. 

It was pretty muddy out, so Abby wore her rain boots. 

This was the tutorial before of only picking the red ones and not the green ones. 

Then my girl was ready! 

Abby said, "This is like Easter Egg hunting with strawberries!"

She was a girl with a purpose....pick lots of strawberries. 

And make sure you get only the best! 

We ended up picking about 4 pounds. I think Abby ate a pound of that. 

I also made a pie, but letting it chill we will see how it turns out tomorrow!

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