Saturday, June 1, 2013

Busy Saturday!

 We started June off with a bang! Up at 7:30 and just now resting! 

Yea for completing (surviving) soccer! Today was Abby's last day. She did extremely well until the "game", then picked her nose and watched the ball go by. Overall, I give the season a B. 

Maybe dance is in her future. 

Then I spent 3 hours gutting the landscaping. It was literally a jungle. It looks sooo much better and next year it will be gorgeous. Aunt Pam was a guardian angel to help me out. 

Side note - Stu is on crutches due to a softball injury. This has been an exhausting week of doing all the cooking (ugh!), cleaning and day care runs. Luckily, we are headed to the beach in a few days where I can relax!

After all that, we headed to Sonic for some slushies. I have an insane addiction and convinced Abby to try her first one. She loved it, but only drank a few sips until she decided that it was "too cold". Still time, my friend. 


We spent the afternoon with Amanda and Spencer and Abby decided to take all the pictures.

Her beautiful toes.

Poor Spencer loves her to death and she barely acknowledges him. He hugged her...she pushed him. Just a snapshot of relationships to come.

No Abby pictures would be complete without self portraits.

Well at least this one was nice...

because this one makes me want to sleep with one eye open....

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gammydi said...

jungle looks great... glad Aunt Pam was able to help out... Look so much better... I love working in the yard.. My favorite thing.. cooking and cleaning... know the feeling.. but mine is an everyday thing and always has been. Glad you have a good helper...Abby is just a doll... enjoy your trip... be safe.. love you