Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beach Recap

 A few weeks ago we made a trip to the East Coast to visit Julie and Audrey. We had an amazing time!

On the Airplane - she didn't sleep AT ALL.  We actually got stuck in Charlotte for about 4 hours on what was supposed to be an hour layover. President Obama was landing when we did, so we had to wait. Then there was a delay on the plane that was arriving. As soon as we boarded to leave Charlotte, the President decided to leave as well, so we had to wait on his plane to leave before ours could.

Audrey had a great collection of dress up clothes, which her and Abby loved to play with. 

 Our first night there, there was horrible storms and tornadoes. We spent about an hour in the closet listening to the news. BUT it did make for some pretty awesome waves at the beach the next day. I lived by the beach for 4 years and NEVER saw anything like this. 

Our attempt to get in was pretty much not happening. But Abby did love the sand.

The next day, we went to the Arts by the Sea festival in Swansboro. It was still pretty windy and the girls loved standing on the dock looking for "sea creatures".

This is my favorite picture, complete with Audrey's headband flying off in the wind. 

Then we walked over to a park where the girls posted by a statue. 

Then it was on to Mommy and Me mani/pedis. Abby was in heaven. 

She was soooo good and loved getting her nails and toes painted. 

A bit petrified, I don't think she said one word! 

The next day we went back to the beach where the girls loved making sandcastles. 

Abby as a mermaid. 

Sweet, sweet Audrey as a mermaid as well.

Overall Abby was not that thrilled with the beach. She was ok in the sand, but the ocean was not really her friend. As we were leaving and packing up, Abby let out a blood-curdling scream. I have NEVER heard her scream like that before. I look over and a giant horsefly is on her leg. I am trying to get her to stay still so I can swat it off, she is going nuts. Then the horsefly lands on me and starts BITING me. No wonder she was terrified. Needless to say, she was pretty traumatized. But she did assure me that she would go back when she was 5. Fingers crossed.

On Monday, Julie went to work and Audrey to day care, so we went and played putt-putt golf. Abby loved it 

She was actually pretty good at it!

The next day, our flight out was a 7 AM so we were up about 4:30. I just happened to check my email before we left and had an e-mail that our flight was cancelled. Awesome. A few phone calls later, I was on the next flight at 9:30. We ended up getting home about 3 hours later than what we expected. 

So other than the flight issues, we had a great time visiting our friends. Audrey and Abby got along wonderfully and it was great to catch up with Julie. I can't wait for them to come visit us next time! 

Since the trip, Stu has had knee surgery and I have painted and gotten new floors in the kitchen. Love, love. Pictures to come soon!

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gammydi said...

so glad you had a great time visiting your friend.. Abby sure had fun... sounded like a busy couple of days but wonderful...