Friday, October 19, 2012


 Yep, a random post....we are watching Snow White and the Huntsmen and it is just not keeping my attention like it should for a Friday night movie. So I thought I would dump my thoughts (and phone pics) out.

Abby's treat on the weekends is getting to play games on my phones while I shower. Her favorite thing is to write notes. Usually it is just pages and pages of letters that make no sense. 

But I found this little gem. Shudder. Abby is the sweetest thing in the world, but she does have her creepy moments and finding a note like this makes me.....shudder. 

A few of my besties and I had a "Pinterest" party last night. We all made fall wreaths. I am pretty happy with how mine turned out (thanks to someone way more crafty than me). I plan on officially adding the S tomorrow and getting it hung on the front door.

Today was SuperHero day at Abby's school. Stu's mom was nice enough to get Abby a Spider Girl costume. She loved it! She made me take a pic this morning and totally held the sides out "because this is how it goes". 


We went mattress shopping tonight after dinner. Abby had a blast and make me take pictures of her rolling on the beds. Hence, the blurry pics.

We have her bed picked out (just need to order it) and am 90% sold on the mattress (not the one pictured). As soon as it is all done, Ill post some pics.

I rarely get to talk to Abby's teachers since Stu drops her off and I pick her up about 5:15 and they leave at 5. But I happened to get there early today and saw them both. The first one stopped me to tell me about how she knew Abs was smart, but after this week's assessment (they do them twice a year) she thinks she is brilliant. Heartwarming to hear. 

Then the second one one (who I saw and didn't know that I had talked to the first), stopped me to as she put it to "put a bug in my ear" about getting Abby tested for a magnet school. Her daughter goes to the one in Smyrna and she strongly encouraged me to at least test Abby for it. 

Please note this is not a brag....I'm just trying to record things. 

  Of course I think Abby is smart...I'm her momma. But these teachers brought a little tear to my eyes as they overwhelming told me how smart she was. We will see what the future holds.

I did it - I ordered Year One of my blog in a book!!! 

I'm stressing it and hoping it turns out well (of course I will write about it when it comes). And it was due today and not stressing that as well!!!!

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gammydi said...

it's so nice when you hear wonderful things about your daughter. She is very smart and I know she will go far.. love the rolling on the bed too.