Friday, July 16, 2010

Busted Up!

We have a very dangerous spot in our apartment complex. It is where the sprinklers run and for some reason, the pavement is extremely slick in this area. I am usually very careful when walking over it.
Well tonight it was raining and late. Abby was already asleep and Ali insisted on only doing her business at the dog park. So, in the rain, I walked her out there. On the way back, I was pissed about how wet the bottom of my sweatpants were. I was cussing that little dog!
All of a sudden, I hit that slick part. I didn't see it because of the rain. I flew down on my hands and knees. Ali's leash went flying. After falling on my knees, I just rolled over on my behind and laid there, trying not to cry.

Look at my poor knee!!!


After I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I glanced around to make sure no one saw me (of course no one else was stupid enough to be out in the rain). Then I look for Ali. She has one of those retractable leashes and she is terrified of it. She is standing about 10 feet from me about to piss herself because the leash is following her. I had to hobble myself over to her and convince her to let me have the leash.

What a night!!!!

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gammy said...

So sorry you fell. I know that hurt as well as scared you. I know you know to be careful, so I won't say it. just sorry you had to experience that.