Tuesday, July 27, 2010


No, this is not another post about Peas - it is about Peez!
I have been working very hard to teach Abby to say Please when she wants something. Tonight, I took her paci away from her and told her to say Please to get it back - she did!
In her sweet, little Abby voice, "Peez?"
Abby absolutely loves to tell people "Bye".
If you tell her, say Bye Bye, she will scream "BYE" until we leave. Very loud.
Tonight we were at the dog park and another dog (Angel) was in there. I said, "Abby, Tell Angel Bye Bye". She startled this poor little dog to death, screaming "BYE" and waving.
Just so you all know, I was typing this post and Stu started a movie, "Clash of the Titans". Not exactly my kind of movie. Apparently it popped up on the screen "12 years later". Stu says, "In case you care, 12 years just passed in this movie". I explained this was not exactly my kind of movie, so I was going to try and pay attention, but not to worry about me. I then went on to explain that I was more into the Bachelorette and Real Housewives.
Let me just note that I am telling him all of this during a thunderstorm on the movie.
He looks at me and says, "Shhh".
I said, 'It is a freaking thunderstorm, no one is talking."
Him: "That is not the point".
I feel the love!
I don't know how this turned into an update post, but in case anyone was worried about Ali - she has grown hair back on one side, still bald on the other!
Dinner with family tomorrow night and praying that Autumn has a great delivery! I am so excited to meet Ethan.

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Wiz said...

I love this stage with the talking!! Their little voices are just too cute.

And Dave Ramsey's headquarters is in Cool Springs, off Mallery Ln. (Behind the mall and near Academy Sports.)