Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have never had any issues with facebook, but I logged into it tonight and found that I had sent "fake" messages to all of my friends about a get rich scheme. Sorry if you got this.

I am PISSED. I keep reading all of these articles about how Facebook is not secure, yada yada yada. I didn't believe the hype. But apparently it is true.

Well, I am DONE. I deleted my account and am not going back. No more knowing who is going to the grocery, who is sitting at home watching tv, or who is sitting at home thinking random thoughts to impress their friends.

I will miss pictures of friends that I have made over the years, but hopefully they have my other contact info. If not, so long. Facebook is highly overrated and NOT secure. If I think about the other things that it might have hacked, it makes me sick.

Thanks for letting me rant!

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Jess said...

I got rid of my account when I was looking for a job. I didn't want prospective employers or parents seeing my actions from 5 years ago and that being a misrepresentation of the person I am today. I haven't had facebook in over a year and it has been wonderful! I used it mainly to "stalk" people I never actually talked to and I'm sure others were doing the same about me. I am so glad I don't have that distraction anymore. It was way too easy to spend an hour on there instead of being productive. If someone wants to talk to me and they are still in my life, they know how to contact me! Speaking of it's security, you do know that any pictures you have ever posted on there they now legally own. So they keep them for-ev-er. Let's hope we don't get rich and famous! I guess I wanted to rant too.