Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Another Hot Weekend

This weather is truly insane. I have pretty much given up even drying my hair on the weekends. I just shower, let it frizz, and pull it back. There is no point when I walk to the car and am instantly sweating. Sigh!
Saturday, Abby and I stayed in our pj's until 3 PM! Stuart was mentally insane and thought playing softball would be fun. We did not. But I tell you, we had a blast. I did not get any pictures, but we played dress up all day - she put 6 socks on each foot - I was laughing so hard at her!

Saturday night, I went to a cookout at Lindsey D.'s house. We assigned one of the boys to take a picture of all the girls. I am still not sure why he stood so far away. You can't even tell who anyone is in this picture. And I have no idea how to crop photos!
Sunday afternoon, we went swimming at my parents neighbors.

Abby loved it! You obviously can't tell from this picture, but she is saying "Cheese"! Next, we just have to work on the looking at the camera and saying it.

We are so grateful that my parent's neighbors let us use their pool whenever we want. I pretty much grew up in this pool. Now Bob and Peg are older and don't use it. They absolutely love to watch Abby in the pool. Sweet Peg asks me every time I go over there, "If I have sunscreen on that fair baby".

I really do love Peg, but she says the funniest things. When I was pregnant, I went to live with my parents for a month.

My brother and I are exactly four years apart in age and in school. So, as soon as I graduated college (4 years!), he entered. My parents (bless their hearts) have financially supported us both for 8 SOLID years.

My brother was set to graduate in December 2008 and Abby was due January 4th 2009.

We are outside talking to Peg about JD graduating and I started joking to my Dad that just when he thought he was done supporting his kids, now he has a granddaughter to "support".

Peg turns to me and dead on says, "You really should not have a baby if you can't support it".

I had to walk away before I burst out laughing.


When we were at my parents yesterday, my mom put Abby in this little dress. This was a dress that my Mimi made for me! Mimi used to make all of my dresses when I was little, there is a whole closet full at my parents - I can't wait for Abby to wear all of them!

I went grocery shopping tonight. As Stu and I were putting away groceries, I looked back at Abby and she was in the refrigerator opening the drawers and eating the grapes. What a sneak. (And yes, please ignore the box o' wine - I love me some cheap wine!)


Katie said...

Be glad she was eating the grapes and not getting into that box o wine!!!!! HEHE

Jess said...

I see you drink the Franzia - I'm more of a Hardy's fan myself. But, wine at it's finest, regardless!!