Monday, January 9, 2012

Party Favors

One thing that I forgot to post about were the party favors that Amanda and I made.
I wanted something simple and thought I would try pretzel sticks coated in caramel and chocolate with sprinkles.
I found a recipe on Pinterest, but am not going to reference it because I totally butchered it.

The recipe that I found called for pretzels to be dipped in melted caramel.

Here was my attempt for that.

Easy enough, right? WRONG! I never could get them off the wax paper.

We had to throw all of these out.

After that, I just did chocolate bark and Amanda and I added sprinkles and confetti.
I thought they turned out super cute especially with the ribbons.
Unfortunately, I forgot to hand them out to most of the guests.



A quick picture of Abby playing with her new coloring desk.

She honestly got so much stuff, we haven't evened opened it all.

And probably won't for awhile :/


Anyone watching the Bachelor? What is wrong with these girls?

Seriously? I cringe watching them. But one part of me just can't turn away from the wreckage.


gammydi said...

Chris and Evan loved the pretzel sticks. They ate it as soon as they got in the car. Calmed Chris right down. Thanks you 2 did a great job.

Wiz said...

I love the bachelor! Such a train wreck! And Blakeley equals disgusting!