Monday, January 30, 2012

Mish Mash

Yes, another random post. We haven't had anything major going on, just random stuff!
I completely forgot about these pictures of Audrey and Abby at the playground.

The gals going down the slide.

Abby loved pushing Audrey on the swings.
Yep, wearing a tutu again.
Stu and I are stuck in a food rut. So we joined Emealz (I can't link for some reason).
We have only made 2 recipes so far, but the grocery list that prints is very helpful.
I loved the Mexican Black Bean Chili tonight, but poor Abs got an upset stomach from it. I had to give her Tums (after googling that it was ok) and lots of milk. She has her momma's weak stomach!
I will keep you updated as we try new meals.
I woke up Saturday morning determined to do something productive.
I am SO ready to do yard work again.....but since I can't, we will work on the inside.
I am not a fan of "gaudy gold" hardware in the house. Most people don't notice it, but for some reason I do.
So I got the family together for a trip to Lowe's.
(Different rooms, but you get the idea).

We replaced all the door knobs and hinges on all the interior doors.

I am in love! I think they look so much better and smile every time I see them.

Have you seen Courageous?
It is a Christian movie about fathers that make a pact to be better Godly fathers.
We watched it Sat night. I cried so hard and so loud that:
1. Stu was concerned about me, repeatedly asking if I was going to be ok.
2. My friends the NEXT day asked if I was hung over (my eyes were almost swollen shut and my head pounded).
It was really good, but hit me so hard about being a good parent. And not just being "good enough".
I recommend it, but it touched something in me that inspired me to teach Abs more about God and Jesus.
Speaking of church...I was getting Abby ready Sun morning. I just bought her some new tights from Target. They were way too big, so I asked her to put on the leggings that I bought her.
She came back with the leggings on, but socks as well.
I debated it. But in the end I decided that was too embarrassing. For both of us.
She felt differently and screamed to wear the socks because "my feet are cold".
In the end, she wore the too-big tights, but her tantrum was hilarious. Ali even sniffed her out.

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gammydi said...

I love the new look also. Never thought it would make a big difference but it sure does. Looks like the hinges too.. love it.. Abby is adorable. glad your friend came to visit again. looks like you all are enjoying life... hope to see you soon. love you and miss you..