Monday, January 16, 2012

Day of Art

The plan for my day off was to hang at the Discovery Center. We no longer have a membership, but it was free today. Apparently, I am not the only person that knew that.
We couldn't even park at the center, we had to park a mile away and walk. As soon as I figured that out and saw the drizzle of rain, we were out of there. I knew it would be packed.
So instead, I grabbed my momma and we all headed to Nash Vegas to the Frist Center (again, free today).

I was a little worried about taking Abby to an "art museum".

**Note the bow - she picked it out!

But they had an entire area called "ArtQuest" for kiddos. We spent over an hour there.
Abby working the magnet shapes.
After making a hat.
And my favorite, coloring on an easel. She looks so grown up!
We did take a break to check out art - bad idea.
The first exhibit was based on Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho. The second was alot of naked Baby Jesus', a woman carrying a plate with a head on it, and lastly that headless man laying dead in a bed.
We went through that pretty quick!

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gammydi said...

this is awesome...we have never been to the Frist Center. looks like lots of fun. I love her hat. She loves artisy stuff...what a wonderful little doll.