Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Fever

We have had a wonderful weekend of hanging outside, Mommy getting sunburned (yes, I can get sunburned in March), and lots of summer clothes.
Abby has pretty much decided that she is over the papparazzi called Momma.
Here are the pictures that I did manage to get.
Friday night, Stu was under the weather. So, instead of eating at home, we went out to eat. Abby picked this ensemble for a night on the town. Love the pink crocs.

Saturday, we went to lunch with Bella and Michelle. After, we walked 4 miles on the Greenway. Talk about exhausting. Abby (who didn't walk) wanted to work out after.

She put on my socks and shoes and then said she was ready.

Sunday morning church outfit.
I told her how cute she looked, so of course she had to look.
With all the nice weather, we are having house envy. We still have about 4 months stuck in this apartment. But we can still look!
We drove around Smyrna, LaVergne and Nolensville. Still not sure what we want/can afford, but it is very fun to look! Stu has a rental jeep right now, so we took the top panels off and enjoyed the weather. It put Abby to sleep very quickly. Since she boycotted her nap yesterday, it was great to have some quiet time today.
Dinner at the parents with Jess and JD tonight. Lots of fun wedding talk - can't wait!


Wiz said...

I heard John ran into you all while looking for houses. Its funny, Colt refused a nap yesterday too!

Also in regards to your previous post, we give Colt a bath every night too. Its just part of the routine and Colt plays so hard its pretty much necessary!!

Katie said...

Ann all I can think about when you say you got sunburned is when we came to visit you in Virginia Beach....and you fried like a lobster and your feet were the worst....Now that was some sunburn!!!!!