Sunday, March 27, 2011

Science Museum

Saturday, our zoo plans were ruined by the freezing weather and threat of rain.

Instead, we decided to head to the Adventure Science Museum. We weren't really sure if it was age appropriate for Abby, but figured we would give it a try.

$32 later, we realized it was a little too old for her.

But here are a few things that she enjoyed:

A slide in the Body Parts section. When you got to the bottom, it made a farting noise. Nice.
She loved looking at the balls that were scooped up by a giant crane.

She really liked driving the crane as well!

As always, a car lover.

We did find this sort shaping box. Abby pretty much could have stayed there all day and night. She was so excited that she could name the colors and get the shapes.

Her second favorite part was walking down the long ramp that went down two stories.



May 2009 at the Aquarium with Mike and Julie. Abby loved touching the alligator.

Trying to take a similar picture beside a dinosaur. Abby was so not having it.


Anybody been to Mule Day? I am thinking about heading that way this Sunday (b-day party on Saturday).


Jules said...

I really miss that sweet baby! I hardly recognize her! But her facial expressions were just priceless. You told me all babies would do that but mine definitely doesn't. Remember her "mean" look? You would just be eating dinner and laughing and you would look over at her and she would be all squinty eyed and mean looking :-) lol

Warf pary of 3 said...

we went to the adventure science center on monday, jason took the day off work. Landon LOVED it and we did to! it was a nice change to the Discovery Center in boro. i was free so we just had to pay for jason and Landon. we will for sure go back this summer. Landon LOVED the ambulance and the clear car that abby is sitting in and the train. anything cars or he could drive he was all about. climbing up the middle in the little tunnels and slides was challanging for an adult, but we survived. haha . have a good week

Anonymous said...

J.D. and Jessica went to Mule Day last year. You might ask them about it.


gammy said...

sometimes I really wonder who has more fun at these places. Abby or Stuart. I love it. We will get together and go to the zoo one day soon. These things are just too expensive for all of us.