Tuesday, March 29, 2011

First Cleaning

Abby had her first teeth cleaning this morning. It was traumatizing for all of us.

  • The dentist only let one person in the back. So, of course I volunteered.

  • We get to the back and the lady asks Abby to hop up on the chair. I laughed and hopped up on the chair with her.

  • She did try to engage with her and let her touch the tools first. Abby was having none of it.

  • Eventually, I just told her to get on with it.

  • Abby screamed. And screamed. And didn't stop screaming.

  • I think the cleaning took less than 5 minutes. Then it was time for the dentist.

  • During the time that we waited, Abby just sobbed and shook. There was nothing that I could do to calm her down.

  • The dentist (who is super nice) again tried to win over Abby. Again didn't happen.

  • She poked around in her mouth looking for cavities. Meanwhile, the receptionist came back there to try and help hold Abby. It took three of us to control that wild child.

  • When it was over, Abby wouldn't even take a prize. She was too tired and distraught.

  • When we walked back to the front, I thought people were going to stand and clap. The entire office (and possibly the office next door) just had to see who this set of lungs belonged to. That's my gal.

  • Abby didn't have any cavities. We did find out that she will need to have a small surgery in a few years. Her lip and her gums in the front are connected. The dentist said that it is quick surgery with just gas. They will snip it when she is about 4 or 5.

  • Unfortunately, I googled this. It is called frenectomy. Don't google it.

  • I am not worried about it now as we have a few years to think about it. Since she won't let me near her mouth (especially after today), I will have to look at it closer before I make a decision.


We went to my parents for dinner tonight. I had some errands to run, so I left Abby with my parents. Last weekend, my dad sent her home with all of the clothes that she had there. My mom still has some dresses that my Mimi made me. Since she gave her a bath, she put her in one of the dresses.

I didn't have my camera at their house, but I tried to get some pictures when we got home. And yes, she had on her socks and shoes.

Ali wanted in on the action of running from Mommy.

Here is at least the back of the dress with the bloomers - so sweet!


Wiz said...

Sorry the cleaning didnt go well :( I know that has to be tough to sit through.

I love the picture of her in the dress and socks!! So cute!

gammy said...

sorry that didn't go well, a friend's daughter had a frenectomy, but waited till she was 11. They said it went fine. She said the same thing about looking it up. Chris will be going to his first dentist appt in a month or so. He had to get his new insurance card.