Monday, June 28, 2010

Melissa's Wedding

As I said yesterday, I had a BLAST these past five days. I wish now that I had taken more pictures. But I will share the ones that I have and the ones I "stole" from facebook!
I arrived Wednesday afternoon. After dinner with Melissa's parents (who were pretty much my parents one summer), we all went to a nail salon and got mani/pedis. Let me just say, my feet were loving it! And the first thing that Stu said to me when I got back was "Wow, you have paint on your nails". It is very rare!

Thursday night, we had the rehearsal at the church. After the rehearsal, we went back to Melissa's parent's pool for a delicious dinner. Please note Jared's facial hair. That poor boy has been growing it out forever. Melissa (and his grandmother) made him shave it for the wedding. He said that is the last time he is shaving - for Melissa's sake - I hope that is not true!

Friday morning - up early! (Ha - we didn't have hair until 10, but this week that was early for me). Melissa getting her hair done.

Haileigh was the flower girl. She is five and so freaking adorable.

Look how freaking sweet those ringlets are!

This is the back of my hair. I told her that I just wanted it off my neck. I ended up loving it to so much! I normally have straight hair, so it is fun to curl it every once in awhile.

Other than hating my arms......I love this picture. Melissa is such a beautiful bride!

The bride and groom!

Found this picture on facebook. I swear that I was happy at this wedding! And fully aware of my ivory skin!

Melissa and her dad. I cried through the whole thing. This was the only non blurry picture that I had. I was totally a mess at this wedding.

I LOVE this picture. Melissa is watching Jared and his mom dance.
Cutting the cake. Her theme was ocean/sea. Her cake had mini sea shells on it.

Getting ready for the garter.

We lost Jared! Let me just say that they are meant for each other. Her garter was camouflage with a deer on it.

Getting ready for the bouquet toss.

Not believing that I caught it on camera!

Leaving with the beer cans! They had sparklers as well, but all of the pictures were blurry.
So, after the wedding, I went to a bar with my friends from Maine. Turns out the whole bridal party went as well. There is nothing to cap off a good wedding than the bridesmaids helping the bride use the bathroom.

Group shot!
I MAY have had a few too many complimentary mixed drinks/champagne.

Saturday, I drove to Newport News to see my friend Traci and her new baby, Ella. Ella is 7 weeks old and the spitting image of her daddy. I forgot what it was like to hold a baby! I was nervous at first, but it is like riding a bike. That little gal slept on me for almost an hour - I was in heaven!

Saturday night, we drove to VA Beach and hung out on the beach and ate dinner. After, we stopped at a bar on the boardwalk and had the best mixed drinks.
The newly weds!!
In case you were wondering, Stu did not get to make this trip with me. I bought my plane ticket months ago. When I went to get his, the tickets had sky rocketed. We decided it was just not worth it, I missed him very much!

Although I had a blast, the best part was obviously waiting for me in the airport!!! Doesn't she look like she has grown years!?!?

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