Thursday, June 17, 2010

Proud Papa

I decided to do a little cleaning tonight and opened our entertainment center to dust. Inside, I found about 20 stickers.

Someone relatively short has been shoving her stickers in there. I was wondering where they had all gone.

(Please ignore the picture that I still have not hung). Abby loves to look at this picture.

She points at it and says "Da-Dee" and smiles. She loves her Daddy!
Stu came jumping in the door tonight like a little kid!
Look what Abby made him today! (Better picture of the Father's Day picture below - it was laminated so hit the glare).

Two days....I am going to run out of room very quickly!

1 comment:

gammy said...

yes he is a proud papa! and Abby just adores him. great pics.