Monday, June 7, 2010

Swim Class - First Time

Abby and I had her first swim class today. It was brutal. She didn't have dinner prior and she let the entire indoor swimming pool know it.
At first, she wanted to walk down the ramp all the way to her chin (making me extremely nervous). But when it was time to get in the water with me holding her - she was not having it.
Lay on the back, nope. Lay on the stomach, no way. Kick her feet, not having it.
She did enjoy sitting on the side and "jumping" in, but that was about it.
I will say that she was the youngest in the class, so she did decent considering.
The poor teacher commented, "Wow, she does have a set of lungs on her!". Luckily my mom works at the center, so I told her to talk to the teacher and not let her kick us out of class (totally kidding, well sort of).
I didn't get any pictures, but I am hoping my mom comes by one night, so I will get some pictures then. One class down, nine to go - I hope we survive it.
First day of Day Care tomorrow!!!!
Check out Ms Audrey.
Thanks to the anonymous commenter on my last blog. I seriously never thought about giving her a juice box and squeezing it to let her know that stuff actually comes out of a straw. We will be trying it very soon!

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Wiz said...

Colt does not like the water and I know that he would FLIP OUT in a swim class. Plus with our schedule it is hard to even schedule one. Maybe next year. I am sure they are used to kids having a hard time on the first day.

As far as the bachelor, I have heard about reality Steve's final two and have to say I am happy with both of them :) I have not heard who the winner is but am not opposed to hearing about it. I have also heard about Justin, so I dont care that the guys are mean to him. Ty is a friend of a friend so I am kind of hoping to meet him one day :)