Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pizza Pizza!

We have had some troubles with getting Abby to eat lately. One day she likes one thing, the next day she hates it. Next day, loves it again. It is a constant battle.
But tonight, I had to do a Target run. I love Super Target. Love it. They have a Pizza Hut inside. I grabbed Abby and I a personal pan pizza. She ate 3 pieces of it!!!!
"Who Me?"
Every night after dinner and a bath, we take Ali to the dog park. After she does her business, I yell "Ali" (usually multiple times as she likes to ignore me). The past few times, Abby has insisted on holding the empty leash and yelling for Ali herself.
It sounds like "A-Wee" "Aye" "A-Lee". She does it the entire time Ali is running around. Ali just shoots her evil looks like, "Let me freaking finish, you get to go in your pants". I crack up the entire time.

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