Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Randoms

Abby, Ali and I almost got ran over today. As I have said before, there are no sidewalks in our complex, so we just walk in the parking lot. Well, tonight, I saw a midget. At least what I thought was a midget. He was shorter than me, so in my book (at 5'3") that is a midget. But since we were still about 50 feet from him and he was getting out of his car, I was casually staring. All of a sudden, I see a car coming towards us about 15 MPH (speed limit is 10). Luckily they saw me and waved.
Can you imagine me explaining that I was hit by a car, looking at a midget?
***I have nothing against was more, is he or isn't he? Just curious.
Stuart plays ALOT of softball. You won't hear me talk much about it, because it is way too hot for me to sit at a ball field all day. But his team worked the Nashville Speedway race this week. Since he had some people back out, I offered to help out, selling concessions. (I will never eat concession food again...more on that in a minute).
I have never met most of the guys he plays with or their girlfriends as I don't hang out at the ball field.
Stu and I arrived on time, but some of the guys were late. I went on with most of them to start setting up and cooking (Ha - I didn't cook - the guys did). Well when the other people showed up, we had pretty much decided where everyone needed to go and what still needed to be done. I started telling these people what was needed, etc. After about 30 minutes of this, I heard my brother in law say, "No, that is Ann - Stuart's wife".
Those new people had thought that I was the "boss" of the operations. They had no idea that I was part of the team. I immediately bust out laughing and say, "No, I'm not the boss, just extremely bossy!" I guess that I just automatically tell people what to do, they think I am in charge. Hey, we got done what we needed to get done!
Concession food is nasty. Just nasty. And if you only knew how they overcharge you. The "real" boss of the program miscounted everything in the beginning of inventory, so we just made up numbers of what we sold. They didn't care as long we turned all the money in.
We had to chisel the hot dogs from the packages.
The salsa that we first opened had mold on it.
Killed a cockroach in the kitchen.
Were told there was no grill cleaner, just a brush that was lying on the floor. Pretty sure it had been used for sweeping.
We only took cash. This poor guy came up to me and told me that he couldn't get his ATM card to work. While he was talking to one of the guys, I asked his 5 year old son how his day was going. In the MOST pitiful (and southern) voice I have ever heard, he says, "Well, I am having a great time, but I sure am thirsty and hungry". Oh, this momma was not going to let that go. I gave them our complimentary bottled waters and a cheeseburger. That was the highlight of my day.
We are watching Alice in Wonderland...the Tim Burton edition. It is very strange. I told myself that I would not watch it. When it came out in theaters, I had this horrible dream that the Red Queen ate babies and ate Abby. I swore I would never watch it. Hopefully, I have better dreams tonight.

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