Saturday, June 12, 2010

Quick Rant/PSA

As I said above, we went to Nashville Shores today. If you have ever been to a waterpark, you know that you are BOUND to see some "characters". What is it about waterparks that brings the crazies out?
I just wanted to grab a few of the people and ask them 1. if they owned a mirror and 2. who let them out of the house?
I am not claiming to be a supermodel that graces the cover of the Sports Illustrated - Swimsuit Edition.....but I know how to pick a swimsuit.
I have never seen so many people that did not need to be in two-piece suits. It might be a new concept - but one word - tankini. Many, many, many people would have benefited from this.
Or even a suit that fit.
A few of the highlights (in the future, would it have been rude to take pictures....probably so).
  • Abby played with a little boy that was 2. Mom was super nice and we talked for a bit. We were both sitting in the baby pool. She stood up and I almost drowned. Poor gal had a belly that would rival Kate Gosselin - pre surgery. Tankini please.
  • 13 year old that had bottoms on so small she had a permanent wedge and her butt crack hanging out the top. Needed Bigger bottoms.
  • Young mom that leaned over to put her baby in the pool. The top was more padded than the actual. I know this only because I saw e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Find a top that fits.
  • Another woman with a giant wedgie (pretty sure it was on purpose) parading around with her butt cheeks and high heels.
  • A baby pool should be for, oh I don't know, uh babies? So why are there older kids playing in there? A few almost knocked my baby over. Talk about pissing me off - and where are the parents.
  • We took the girls to another "baby pool". A
  • About five minutes after we got there, this giant tub dumped 1,037 pounds of water in the pool. If Abby had been one foot over, I am pretty sure she would have drowned. A little warning would have been nice.

Sorry if you find this offensive, I just really think that you should use common sense/decency when going to public places. If you want to lay out in your backyard in your itsy bitsy eeny weeny tiny polka dot bikini, fine by me. But spare the rest of us - wear a bathing suit that is flattering. If you can afford tickets to the overpriced Nashville Shores, surely you can stop at Target or Walmart and get a fitting bathing suit.

Just saying!

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Wiz said...

Oh come on, the best part about water parks is the people watching. It would not be any fun if people wore bathingsuits that fit :)

Oh and I agree about the baby pool. We have a huge baby pool in our neighborhood. It is really frustrating to see ten year old little boys roughhousing in the pool while COlt is playing.