Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Marathon Results

**Sorry for the blogging lapse....lots of reasons, but I am about three blogs behind so I will be catching up!***
The Murfreesboro Half was Saturday. 13.1 miles. Guess how long I made it???
About 1.5 miles. If that.
I hate running. Really hate it. And I didn't realize how much until mile 1.
But I did stick around for the whole race and got to cheer on the "real" marathoners!

There were so many people there. I loved the excitement of being there and just the general vibe of being around people that are completely dedicated to this sort of thing.

Right as I got to the finish line, I heard "Teesha Orr". Teesha is one of my good friends that loves to run. She finished right above 2 hours! That is amazing.

Here are Teesha and my bestest, beautiful friend Amanda. These gals are my heroes that they can do this sort of thing!

And check out this beautiful couple! JD and Jess did their first marathon as well. JD ran to give his little lady a hug as soon as she crossed the finish line.

They are so awesome! (Although I think JD's eyes are closed in this picture)

Lo and behold in the distance......

In the momma!

What a champ!

My family of runners!
Yes, I am a total wimp for only making it a mile and half. People keep saying, "Well at least you tried". Yes, I did, but I didn't try hard enough. But I did realize that I need something more in my life. I need goals to work towards. So, lately I have been thinking a lot about what I DO want in life. I have no desire to finish a marathon/half-marathon or any sort of activity that involves running. Ha!
BUT I would love to volunteer more. And I really, really enjoyed being at the race. When I did walk out of the race, instead of getting in the car and driving home back to bed (which trust me, held its appeals), I walked to the 6 mile mark, cheered on the runners and then walked to the finish line to meet everyone. (Let me just add, that was quite a walk for a quitter). So, my goal is volunteer more at events.
So, we will see how that goes!

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gammy said...

You Go Girl! volunteer or walk/run whichever it is it is something that you won't forget. Find a cause you like and help out that one. love the pics of the fam and friends that did run. way to try, I give you that. It is a start.