Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Abby's Personality

Abby has the most amazing personality. I know, I know, I am her mother - I have to say that. But it is so true:
"What, I am not allowed to eat an entire sleeve of Saltines?"

"Surely you jest."

"Get that camera away from me!"

"Oh wait! Give me that camera!"

"Whatever! I still have my Saltines."

Bathtime is so much fun with Abby.

She loves to "Cheese" for the camera.

Abby loves to lay in her signature pose. This one will be saved for the future boyfriend.

Do you see anything missing in this picture? Uh...water? Abby refuses to get out of the tub, so every night I have to just let the water out. Then drag her kicking and screaming out of the tub trying to explain that there is no water in the tub.
Do you also notice she has a washcloth in her hands? About a week ago, she decided that SHE was going to wash herself. Since she doesn't exactly do the best job, I have to give her her own washcloth and use a different one that is "Momma's".
After the bath tonight, Abby turned into my snuggle bunny.

We sat on the couch watching re-runs of Teen Mom (she better not get any ideas).
Notice the Saltine that Abby is holding. I swear the gal is obsessed. She would not eat it, not give it to Ali, not let Momma take a bite. She held on to it until bedtime.

Look how sweet she is!

I am loving that on rare occasions she loves to just sit and hang with me. I know it is rare, so I treat it as the gift that it is.


Abby has also started screaming "Momma?" if I walk out of the room. She will NOT stop until I say "Abby!". It is adorable.
The blog design has changed. Katie (one of my 5 dedicated followers) was having trouble viewing it. So, of course, I had to change it. I really don't have the energy to fix it, so right now it is plain. I feel like I have been slacking on the blogging. I need new blogs to follow! Any suggestions?


Wiz said...

I dont know why, but I was having trouble viewing as well. But I could read in google reader and I could view it at home just not work....weird. Abby is so precious!! Love the cuddle pictures. I love the rare moments when Colt will snuggle with me.

Katie said...

Saltines...no wonder the girl is so tiny her mom only lets her eat saltines...heheJK I don't have a blog cause I have a hard time just making it thru my days let alone thinking of names for a blog each night so I am of no help with that!!!!!

Kelly said...

These pictures are precious. And you should certainly save the bathtub ones to embarass her with throughout high school.

gammy said...

she is too much. I love it,can;t wait till friday night. she def has a great personallity. love her that's for sur