Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mood Swings

Abby has extreme mood swings. Case in point would be tonight.
It started out with us deciding to eat at the Snappy Tomato. Abby was a doll during dinner. She laughed and talked to the kids at the table next to us. The best part of the evening was when this huge black bald guy walked by and Abby pointed at him and said "Daddy?"
Stu said, "It must be because he is bald" Ya think?
But the point is, she was having such a great night.
We get home and I tell Abby that it is time for a bath. She does her normal routine of running and hiding under our bathroom sink. I do my normal routine and drag her in there.
Oh my goodness. She freaked out the second I put her in the bath. I am not talking about crying. I am talking about standing up (which she knows that she is not allowed to do), trying to jump out, throwing herself backward. She started hyperventilating to the point that I had to just take her out.
Trying to put her diaper on took both hands and both elbows.
I finally got her calmed down to the point that her pj's were on. She reached in her crib and got her blanket and stuffed animal. But then would not let me put her down. Imagine trying to change clothes (as I was soaked from the bath) with a sobbing toddler in your arms.
For the rest of the night, we sat in her room in the dark and rocked. She was out at 7:10.
We never heard another peep out of her. But about 7:50 the dryer alarmed (I have no idea how to turn off the alarm and it is ridiculously loud). Over the monitor, we hear "UH OH" and then not another peep.

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