Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday Cards

I have pretty much nothing else to write about, so I thought I would share my fantastic birthday cards!
From my Momma and Daddy (Nan-ee and Poppa)

From my Grandma

From my Mimi

From some super sweet girls that I worked with in VA

From my friend, Teesha

The inside says "Oh girl, no need to get your Tutu in a tizzy, it's just a birthday".

From Julie, Mike and Audrey in NC

The inside of this card was by far my favorite. A picture of my sweet god-baby! (Not officially, but I will name myself her god-mother).

I am just so blessed to have spent a wonderful birthday with my family and friends AND get cards from friends in other states. I love that we have lived all over (well, two states) and met so many wonderful people that I am still in touch with. And I am so lucky to still have the wonderful friends from college/high school/elementary school.
Feeling the love tonight!

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gammy said...

glad you had such a great birthday.