Friday, October 15, 2010

Abby's First Haircut

Abby had her first haircut tonight. I have been a nervous wreck about it all day. I am not sure what I was expecting (other than her melting down, which did happen), but it went very well.
***My mom took these pictures, and bless her heart, she does not take take good pictures ;)***
Shannon brushing her hair. Abby had just got done eating, so she still had her bib on.

Abby looking a little hesitant.

"You are going to do what with those??"

The "Oh God" moment.

Help me! They are pinning me down and cutting me!

Oh the agony.

After Shannon did the front, I held Abby so she could do the back.

I shoved Vanilla Wafers in her hand thinking that would help. At first, it didn't.

But she did eventually start to calm down.
The hair cut overall went well, she still looks adorable.


Katie said...

Poor baby ...she looked terrified!!!!

gammy said...

her haircut is beautiful. I love her bangs and she still has her curls. she looks adorable of course. Shannon did a great job.