Monday, September 6, 2010

I am a little Obsessive

***Abby is 20 months old today!! 4 months until she is two!!***
I have been planning Christmas for Abby since, well, last Christmas. My entire Christmas present for her was a baby stroller, baby high chair, baby doll clothes and of course, a baby doll. The only thing that I have bought so far is the stroller (at consignment for $2!!). But I have been "shopping" for months trying to decide the perfect things to get her. I had it all planned out to have it all set up for her that morning.
Well, ever since I bought the stroller, I have gone back and forth about just giving it to her now. She loves to take her stroller and wheel it around the house. It is about twice the size of her and hard for her to manage. One minute, I want to give it to her, but want it to be special and not make her think that she just gets presents whenever I feel like it (I know, I know, she is freaking one and will never know the difference). But then I want to wait and give it all to her for Christmas.
I am telling you, I am an obsessive person. The funniest part of this is that it is all internal. Stu has no clue that I am so concerned with all of this.
I asked Stu to change the sheets on her bed today. Before I can even blink, I see this:
He saw the stroller in the closet and in typical Stu fashion thought "Hm, she likes to play with the other stroller, I bet she will like this one."

He had no idea the nights I have worried about Christmas (in September).

But I will say that she is l-o-v-i-n-g her new stroller.
I spent about 30 minutes tonight planning our fall. I made Stu print off calendars for me (I am way too cheap to buy a calendar for the year in Sept). I went through all of the events calendars that I have kept and organized them on one calendar.
Let me tell you...the craft fairs, the hay rides, so excited!!!
Now, if I could just make a decision about the Halloween costume (I have been online and in every store in Smyrna and Murfreesboro)........


Katie said...

Ann you seriously already have the dates planned that you are going to the hayrides and pumpkin patches for next month???? And Benton thinks I am a planner....hehe! I can wait for fall activities. And Ann it only gets harder....the planning for Christmas that is. Enjoy it while she is small and is happy with getting a box to play in....cause in a few years she will be asking for laptops and plasma tvs for Christmas....hehe!

Katie said...

You have the next 2 months planned already???? Man and Benton thinks I am a planner. Well Ann try not to stress on Christmas will have many many years of hair pulling with Christmas...just wait in a few years she will want the one gift that every store is sold out of and you will spend hours everyday calling places to see if they got shipments in .....or she will be asking for plasma tvs and what not. So just enjoy the days that she is happy with a doll and a box to play in!