Saturday, September 4, 2010

Discovery Center

I had a late night last night hanging out with friends (Happy Birthday Mel, Autumn, Michelle, Jennifer, and Laura). But I was still determined to get up and take Abby to the Discovery Center this morning. We got there right when they opened - which I highly recommend if you go.
Michelle and Bella met us there as well, but I didn't get any pictures of them :(
Abby coloring. She was concentrating hard time.

Hanging out at the farmers market.

She was doing some serious shopping.

Then she played house for a bit.

Doesn't she just look so grown up??

Not a great picture! The Discovery Center changes their theme every few months. Their current theme is music. This is Abby driving the tour bus for a country band. She was loving the steering wheel with the buttons.
I was sooooo excited for "our" afternoon nap. I figured after two hours of play, Target, and lunch, she would be pooped. On the drive home, she tried to fall asleep so I kept rolling her window down to prevent that. (Yes, I know that is bad, but I really wanted her to take a good nap).
We finally get home and she is half asleep in my arms. I laid her in the crib and crawled gratefully to the couch. 20 minutes later (20 FREAKING minutes) she was up and ready to play. I couldn't believe it. Never went back to sleep. I am calling a early night for me!

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Wiz said...

It NEVER fails...if I am sure that Colt is going to take a great nap he either does not take one or takes a short one. I think they must know!!