Sunday, September 12, 2010

Normally I wouldn't....

Watch the VMA's. But since Primetime TV is not back yet (A few more weeks, yah!), I got caught up in the VMA's tonight.
And really, how can I not comment on the fashion?!?!
Oh heavens. I can actually handle the dress. It is Alexander McQueen. I get it. But the hairpiece?Or the statue off her head? I am just not sure about that. And I am pretty sure it is much more 3-D than this picture gives it justice.

Finally - a great dress for Sofia! She is hot - work it!

Tween Queen rocked the red carpet.

I love Rihanna. I love her new song. Not quite sure the context with the whole domestic violence is appropriate, but her vocals are awesome. But I HATED her outfit. The combat boots, the low cut dress, the neon red hair, the 80's hair band, the cross and the belt. Way too much going on.

Taylor, love the bare feet. Hate the hair. I missed her performance, so maybe it was tied in with that. Very bland.

If you blacked out Kei$ha's face and asked the guess would be streetwalker.

Love the hair and the multi color (I actually like that about Ga Ga's as well). Hate the torso area, love the skirt, love the shoes. 3 out of 4 ain't bad.
Isn't this chick like 21? Her face looks super old. I guess Marilyn Manson does that to you.

Hate the feathers. Hate them.

Everything is awesome. The silver with the gold shoes. Loving it.

Perfect choice for the VMA's. I will even try to stop faulting her for the Twilight disaster.

Did I miss a press release? She shaved her head except for the pony tail on top? Pebbles, anyone?

If I had that much money, I would have painted in the bathing suit lines.
All pictures were taken from People and Us Weekly.


Katie said...

You had to see Taylor's performance to understand the hair...the whole thing together made the hair beautiful. Ke$$ha said she had her dressmade out of a garbage bag from home wonder it looked like trash!

Jess said...

Not gonna lie, I loved GaGa's dress and hair. The hair is so fun! The hairpiece I could do without. You missed out on her meat outfit. HA! Genius!