Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shop Til Ya Drop

Quite Literally.
I decided this year to work 10 hours as a volunteer for the consignment sale that I usually go to (instead of going to the consigner sale). I worked 5 hours yesterday and 5 hours today, standing on concrete floors and putting clothes away, filing, and rearranging clothes.
Verdict: I am freaking physically exhausted. But.....I am totally doing it again. The workers sale was 100% worth it. Less people, better selection, and well....less people. I took my time and got some awesome deals. See below:

Gardening shovel, purple lampshade, Princess alarm clock (God bless us, please let that work), 3 puzzles, Look and Find Princess book, Minnie Book, Brain Quest cards, dress up shoes, 3 pairs of shoes and shin guards.

Note: that little gal is on 100 piece puzzles as of today! The puzzles that I got were 63 pieces (accounted for), so I am hoping that she likes them. She is working them so fast, we can't keep up!

A crap-ton of clothes (including a Minnie shirt).
3 dressy dresses. They are hanging inside out to dry.
And one other dress that just had to be tried on.
But the real kicker was this sweet little tricycle. That Abby LOVES. At least when she is going downhill. Uphill was a bit of a struggle, but she is catching on.
That is just the cutest little picture I have ever seen!
Ok, on a more serious note,
Does anyone know what kind of plant this is? It was so beautiful last summer, sprouted some gorgeous little purple flowers. But for the past few months, it has been out.of.control.
It was gorgeous today, so I decided to weed (yea, I love it).
But this plant is just insane. I had no idea what to do with it. It is flat as a pancake and taking over the sidewalk.
So I grabbed a pair of scissors and just went to town. I probably killed it, but I honestly don't know what else to do with it.
So if you have ANY idea what this plant is, please tell me. I even searched on the Internet, but I can't find anything. I have an extreme black thumb, but really want to save these, they were so pretty last year.
I have been so bad about posting, but took these pictures last week.
I love taking pictures of Abby sleeping. That girl is nonstop from 5:15 to 8 on the weekends (no nap), but sleeps even harder. I love checking on her, she sleeps in the most random positions. And never wakes up when I take pics of her.
I am really hoping that we can teach her about the alarm clock and what time is appropriate to actually get up and run through the house (it is NOT 5:15)
I have been very good about the "no food or drink" rule in the new car. Which means that Abby has to eat her standard 3 crackers before we go to school in the morning. So after getting dressed, she gets her 3 crackers and eats them in our closet while I finish getting ready for work.
I guess I felt compelled to take a picture one of these mornings.
Oscar Reviews will be up later this week.
E! really disappointed me this year and stopped showing live coverage towards the end. So I missed some of the big players arriving. So, Ill cheat and watch Fashion Police tomorrow to hopefully catch some "live" coverage of the fashions. I promise not to let Joan ruin my opinions.
Speaking of Oscars, this has to be the most boring of the awards shows. The dresses are the best, but I really could care less about best makeup, song, screenwriter. I do like to see who wins Best Picture though. I have seen about a third of those movies.


gammydi said...

you did great at the sale.. those all awesome. I love her clothes. glad we figured out what the plant was hyacinth. Dinner was great. thanks for coming, I had a great time.

Wiz said...

That plant just looks like spider grass to me. You cut it down every fall and it will grow back with purple flowers but I dont really have a green thumb either so its just a guess.