Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am loving my new ride! It is such a smooth ride and the gas needle has barely moved.....
But it did not come with a Owner's Manual, so I don't even know half of what the lights and buttons are doing/can do. But I should have the manual this weekend, so I can find out what else that baby does.
I got a 90 day free trial of XM radio as well. I know it will get old and I probably won't renew it, but so far I am loving channel 9 (as far up as I went, lol). "90's on 9" means I get to relive my high school years all over again. It is blissful riding to work, I am THAT girl singing at the top of my lungs in traffic.
Every week I get new artwork from Abby's school. So much that sometimes, I just have to toss it. And then bury it deep in the trash so I don't hear, "Why is my art in the trash, Mommy?". Talk about guilt.

After cleaning off the fridge, it still looks like this.


But if you look closely, you will find this prize!

Abby wrote her name!!! I am so proud!


TV ramblings:

The Bachelor: This has to go down as the absolute worse season ever. I cannot wait to the After the Final Rose ceremony to see that him and the "winner" have broken up.

Teen Mom 2: I just can't help but watch this show. I could write an entire post about each one of these girls. I just hope that parents of girls (teens and younger) watch this and work to give their girls a strong Christian background. These poor girls are just so misguided and MTV has done little to not support this lifestyle.

Ok, soap box done.


I have so much to do for a consignment sale coming up. I got everything (sorta) together, but need to price and tag it all. I am also working 10 hours at the sale this weekend to be able to go to the employee sale. But I am hoping to find some great deals, mostly on bigger items.

We are also eyeing a dining room table on Craig's list, but I want to find a rug first. Stressful!

Speaking of money, I read that the IRS is way behind on returning taxes. I filed mine 13 days ago and still haven't gotten it. I checked last night and am expecting it Thursday, about 10 days after I thought I would get it. Disappointing!


In our house, we have puzzle fever.

On the left is a 24 piece puzzle. On the right is a 48 piece puzzle. The next phase is 100 pieces. I am thinking that she will have it beat soon. The girl is a wizard at puzzles. Hopefully this weekend, I can find pics of myself at her age mastering puzzles.


gammydi said...

she is a busy busy bee. we had a good time Monday. So glad there wasn't school. She was writing her name and Ali's. She is really good at that. thanks so much for letting her come over. puzzles, drawing, coloring, legos, bouncey boo...lots of fun..

Wiz said...

I had XM when we had a rental and LOVED the 90s on 9 station. I am thinking that I need XM now! And did you read the spoilers for the bachelor? I am assuming you did but dont want to say anything if you didnt!