Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Night of High Heels

The Grammy's!
First, I will shamelessly show my favorite girl in high heels:


Lots of fab dresses and lots of blah dresses....let's get to it!

Bling, Bling...

Ms.Beckinsale. Don't even know why she was there (presenter maybe), but she brought true Hollywood style to the carpet.

Short dress, check. Little bit of edge, check. Rocking hair, check. Jewels, check. Love it!

This was Adele's night. She could have shown up in a brown paper bag and rocked it. But she didn't, she showed up in a gorgeous sparkly dress that fit her perfectly. She did change to another dress for the majority of the awards, but this dress was gorgeous and her makeup/hair made it so much better.
Don't be distracted by the hair. The dress was the perfect color and the perfect shape for her. It was different than what was on the red carpet and coupled with the hair (the only way it would have worked), I think she looked fantastic.
I generally don't comment on the interviewers, but Kelly was one of my favorites. I loved the hair (on her) and loved the silver dress.
I surprised myself liking this one. It was very Grammy appropriate and although I wasn't crazy about the hair, seeing her actually wearing it (live on the Red Carpet), it was very flattering.
Starting to Lose the Shine
The Dress = A. However, not putting on makeup or brushing your hair = F.
Overall score = C.
Dear Carrie, If I had even one of your leg muscles I would never wear pants again.
You are only young once, show some leg! It is the Grammy's!
Here is a lady that knows how to flaunt it - and flaunt it, she did.
But dye the roots girl, dye the roots.
I am torn on this one. I love me some Miranda. This dress was just....off.
But Jess pointed out, it was the color.
Maybe so, it was something. I can't put my finger on it.
Dull and Duller
I don't know who this is. But she totally stuck out to me.
All I could think was.....zombie bride. Maybe that was what she was going for.
If so, she nailed it. If not, hire a stylist.
From the second I saw it, I hated the neck. Hated it.
She is like 10 feet tall, 100 pounds and 20 years old. Stop dressing like you are 90.
This just made me angry. So Stupid. You are not cool. You would have been beat up in high school. You aren't even a good enough singer to justify being "weird".
The performance was a hot mess. Icing on the cake. Hope you enjoy your 15 minutes.
Granny panty alert!
If this dress wasn't see-thru, it would have been one of my favs. It just looks like the designer left a layer out. And probably overcharged you for it.
My least favorite.
Those shoes literally make me cringe. I am pretty sure I gave those to Goodwill 10 years ago....how did she get them?
From the side, it was like looking at a piece of white plankboard.
Not flattering at all.
So weigh in.....agree or disagree?
The Oscars are in less than 2 weeks (Feb 26th).....Super Bowl, Super Bowl!!!!


gammydi said...

as always, I love your descriptions and have to agree with all of them. This is the only way I get see what is happening. Thanks again. Glad you like your job, if not you can always write for the tabloids about the awards. love you

SueB said...

I definitely agree on your review of Nicki Minaj. Her performance was a debacle...do you even call what she did "singing"!! She makes Lady Gaga look normal...and at least Lady Gaga has a good voice!

Love Adele...her look was fabulous and her voice is amazing!

F.Y.I. The girl who looked like a zombie bride is Skylar Grey. I believe she was actually the first to record "Love the Way You Lie", made famous by Rihanna.

Wiz said...

Love these! And I agree about Adele. I love her, even more after seeing her on 60 minutes before hand!