Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Last Big Day

Ah, the Oscars!
What has to be the most boring awards ceremony ever is also the best dressed red carpet.

Don't even get me started on Best Picture. What a waste.
But on to the fashion.....
The Stars Who Shined:

I love, love, love this dress. It was different, yet oh so elegant and glamorous.

She won the award in my mind for Best Dressed.

Another star of the carpet. And check out the gun show. Love her.
She saved the best for last.
May not see her again (as Joan Rivers said, "She wore gold to compensate for the gold wedding ring she'll never get").
But she was truly gorgeous tonight, arm candy def. helped.

At first, I hated this dress. But seeing it move on camera, it was very beautiful.
The polka dots were unique and I loved her jewelry.
JLo has one of those rare figures that can totally rock a deep v-neck. She knows this and flaunts it and I think she looked amazing. I wasn't crazy about the cut-outs in the arms, but overall I think she was fabulous.
Stunning. I love the one shoulder and I think light dresses ruled the carpet.
She is just so stinking cute. I think the dress was age appropriate and was so flattering on her. The light purple looked really great on her. Hopefully, she sticks around and has more fashion "wow" up her sleeve.
Maybe, Baby:
It took some time, but I warmed up to these dresses.
They weren't original best dresses, but they got better with time.
It is hard to look past the dress. It really is - that is one busy dress.
But I think her hair/makeup were stunning. The dress was def. a risk, but seeing her move in it brought her up to the almost best dressed category.
First thought: Get that pile of fabric off your shoulder. Or dress your freaking age.
But I saw a comparison with a similar dress worn a few years ago and I think it works for her.
Plus, she is just so loveable (her presentation with Ben Stiller was hilarious).
Loved the color. Almost prom-ish, but since it is Penelope she can get away with a little bit more.
And loved the jewelry.
Who would have thought that I "almost" loved this one? It is totally against my style.
But the back was open and I liked her hair, so she gets to stay in the middle category.
Try, Try Again:
I honest to God tried to like this dress. I am not a huge fan of hers, and she does gets 1 point for color, but that is about it. As you will see, I really hate the random bathing suit ruffle in the middle. And the back was a completely different color - like a see through or girdle looking thing.
This chick is hilarious (if you haven't seen Bridesmaids, run to RedBox to get it).
But I felt like this dress was one shade away from walking down the aisle. Especially with the tulle. And her hair is just weird.
Look at the shoulders, look at the shoulders!
I hated them, hated them.
So much that she was pretty far down on my least favorite.
Yes, you can scroll up and see that I picked a very similar dress in my maybes.
The whole dress WITH the sleeves just didn't do it for me. Too many sequins....
I really wish she would get a better stylist, I have said it before. But after the Oscars, I am adding hairdresser to that list. She had a giant bun the size of her head (JLo did too, but she totally rocked it). It was distracting, I kept thinking "What is that behind her?"
And the ruffle swimsuit....oh hell no. I actually would have liked it if 1) she had a smaller bun and 2) the ruffle was left off.
GRRR. What is that crap in the middle? Feathers? Doilies? Crazy Lace?
She is so stunning, literally glows from being so beautiful.
I think that was part of my hatred of this dress, the expectation that it would be awesome.
No shape, two toned. Ok, Ill just stop.
I missed her on the red carpet. What's funny is that I saw Brad being interviewed sans Angie and fell off the couch. How could she not come?
Oh, but she showed up to present.
That was my first glimpse, and she threw out that bony leg like it was end of a runway.
She missed the memo that it was the Oscars. Time to step up your game.
So, so disappointed.
And what is with the finger nail polish. Way to throw an edge in there.
I def. need to see her movie. Because I am not a fan.
She gets .0001 point for not wearing black.
But that is not much, considering the massive black bang action going on.
And I am really pale, but if I was hitting the Oscars, I would have also hit a spray tan as well.
Agree, Disagree?
Thoughts on the fashion?
Who did I miss?


SueB said...

Love J.Lo's look...gorgeous figure and such a natural beauty!

Sandra Bullock is a classic beauty, but I agree with you that her dress was a definite "miss".

As for Angelina, although I didn't totally dislike her dress, I just thought she looked borderline anorexic in it...her arms looked incredibly thin!

On a side note, I finally got to see "Bridesmaids" last weekend and I agree with you--it was hilarious!
Melissa McCarthy had me cracking up through the whole movie...I just love her!!

Wiz said...

Angie can do no wrong. I LOVE her! And love that she has everyone talking about her leg. I agree with all your likes!