Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day Care Praise

Sorry for the tiny pictures, but I took these from an album that Abby's day care sent me.
Besides the fact that it is more a school which means that she has lessons every week, it is also a Christian based school, so Bible verses are learned as well.

Abby's Day Care is so amazing and have different themes every week, practically every day.

Last month they did "senses" so it was eyes, ears, taste, smell, and hearing.

I love that her teachers send me a weekly email with what the kiddos will be doing that week.
They are celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday this week with silly socks and silly hats.
Abby's homemade sunglasses.
I have to say that it is so hard getting that girl up and ready every morning, plus her Day Care is completely out of my way.
But I am grateful every day for these two lovely ladies that take the best care of my little princess.

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