Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quick Update

I just wanted to post a few quick photos that I have taken lately.
Abby keeps me so darn busy that I barely have time to take pictures!

Today we went to the ball park to watch Stu play ball. One of Abby's BFFs was there.

They ran up and down the bleachers so much, it made my head spin.

Then we all went to lunch at Chili's. Abby and Callie shared a seat, it was so adorable. They loved on each other, fought, shared food, and talked back and forth about anything and everything.

I might have a slight obsession with taking pictures of Abby sleeping :)
But it does solidify my need to get that girl a bigger bed. I went searching today and found a few potentials. We can turn her bed into a full size bed of course, but I really want a white bed.
Of course, that probably just means adding more stuffed animals to the mix.
Abby got a new hat! Friday was "Bring a Silly Hat" day at school.
I found this super cute pink Easter hat in the dollar bin at Target.
Abby calls it her "pink cowboy hat". She is just too funny.
I picked Abby up from school on Friday (work closed early due to the impending doom of the storms. The ones that never appeared).
Her teacher said, "I am so sorry, but I didn't realize that Abby had a sister."
Me: "News to me too. She doesn't."
Teacher: Laughing nervously, "She totally convinced me that she did."
Me: "And what did she say this sister's name was?"
Teacher: "Ali"
Me: "Yea, that would be our dog."
That gal is just a mess.
On the way home, I asked her why she told the teacher that Ali was her sister.
"Because she is, Momma"

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