Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Recap Part 1

This has been a loooong weekend (in a good way) as I took Friday off work. I just needed a "me" day.
But I did make a special stop to visit my little gal at her picnic lunch.

She was so thrilled that I came to lunch with her.

She has already asked me if I am having lunch with her tomorrow!
And after the picnic, we got to play around on the playground.
Abby thought that jumping on this bench was so much fun.
She was quickly joined by one of her BFF's at school.
I think her friend cheesed for the camera more than Abby did.
Then her 3rd BFF joined as well. Seriously, those three had so much fun!
Maybe it is the "blonde hair" group???
Then these 2 just took turns in the car the rest of the afternoon!
I'll recap the other 2 in the next few days......Abby has an allergy issue going on (think: more night terrors) so I am headed to bed.

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