Sunday, March 18, 2012

Chris Turns Four

Abby's sweet little cousin, Chris, had his 4th birthday party today. They are actually only about 9 months apart!

Chillin' in the car on the way. She had her play clothes on and was ready to go.

And play they did.
Those two tore up the trampoline (or bouncey-boo as she calls it).
Then the pinata came out. I was pretty doubtful of how Abby would react, but after some coaxing, she gave it a few whacks.
Or pokes I should say.
She was deeply concerned about her feet being bare.
"Ok, Im done. Who's next?"
But one thing she didn't shy away from was chocolate cupcakes.
She was in heaven.
She crashed on the way home and even took an hour nap (so rare it is not even funny) at home.

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gammydi said...

oh Abby you did a great job hitting the pinata. I was so proud of you. So glad you came to Christopher's party. He was so happy to see. He had lots of fun and loves his bubbles. You did such a great job writing his name. we are so proud of you. And thanks for the bowling set, I got them all down... love Chris