Saturday, March 31, 2012

Soccer:0, Abby:1

Today was the much anticipated first soccer game. predicted, Abby was way too shy to participate.

There was alot of hands in the mouth action going on.
She did manage to play a little by herself, but immediately shut down if any of the mentors came near her.
Another "hand in mouth" shot.
"I don't want to play soccer!"
She did get out there for about 5 minutes when the cones came out.
I am hoping it goes better next time!
This afternoon, we went to the park across the street to ride bikes.
A few days ago, we saw 2 ducks out there. We were on a mission to find these ducks. But, never did see them again. Although we did come across a random broken (boiled?) egg. I just told Abby that was a duck egg.
And she did love the swings.
I am taking it as a good sign that she continued to keep her soccer shirt on all day. She also discovered her new favorite part of the playground - rock climbing!
With a little help from Momma, she made it to the top!
And before bed, we played "Roar", Abby's made up game. Basically she pretends to be a dinosaur and repeatedly jumps on my head. Fun times for all.
A little preview of tomorrow. Abby has got some exciting stuff to do.
Also, Stu and I are re-mulching the front of the house, so it will be a loooong day.

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gammydi said...

you guys are always so busy... she is a cutie and love her to bits. can't wait to be able to come to a soccer game. just let us know when we can come watch. doesn't matter how she does, would just love to see her..