Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sat Night Ramblings (And Pictures Too!)

Abby got "officially" signed up for Soccer today. I paid a few weeks ago, but we went and got her jersey today. There were 100 kids there. It was crazy. But apparently they don't really have games or coaches. Just mentors (high school students) that just generally teach them how to play every Saturday morning for an hour. Not what I expected, but will probably work better in the end.
Abby was just upset that we didn't go up there to actually play.

Abby is obsessed with writing letters. She demands that I spell everything and then writes it out. Obviously she can't write that great, but some of it is pretty legible.

I received a phone call from her day care on Thursday. Apparently, there was an "incident" at her school. The kiddos were in the bathroom and Abby was using the potty. A little boy pulled his pants down and put his bottom in her face.
I understand that kids are kids and they are 3. But when Abby told me the story (and the kids name) it was the same kid that pushed her down last week on the playground. I have just taught her to tell a teacher and move on, but I can't believe she is being bullied at her age!
I love this picture. She is totally doing her fake smile.
While we were waiting in line at the soccer field, I found some coloring games on my phone for Abby to play with. She is totally better using that thing than I am. Then, the rest of the day she carried her phone around (an old dead cell phone) and pretended like she was drawing on it.
Such an imagination!
I have been obsessed lately with Craig's List and trying to find a dining room table. I found one a few months ago, but wanted to wait on a rug first. Now, I can't find anything!
But I am way too cheap to actually a new one, especially when there are perfectly good used ones out there! Maybe once yard sales start, I will have some luck.
I am loving this warm weather, but not the bugs. I saw one in the garage today and screamed like a little girl. Then totally tried to play it off so as not to alarm Abby and pass my unnatural fear to her.
We had some vicious thunderstorms tonight. They started about 6 and continued until about 9. I put Abby to bed about 8ish. I heard her crying a few minutes later and went to check on her. She said "the lights outside are hurting my eyes". So I sat by her bed and held her hand until she calmed down. She is truly such a sweet little girl.
In between all the rain today, we went to the local park and did some bike riding. She did so much better on a flat surface and only ran off the sidewalk about 5 times.


SueB said...

I just don't understand how a child so young can be cruel to your sweet little Abby! Hopefully, the teacher will stay on top of it and inform the boy's parents so it doesn't get out of hand (which I'm sure she did after the bathroom incident).

My 10-year old daughter gets made fun of occasionally from a few of her classmates (girls) because she's small and petite for her age. It breaks your heart as a parent to see your child's feelings get hurt...but with positive, loving reinforcement at home, the hurt feelings don't last too long. But, if the bullying ever got physical, then all bets are off!

Loved Abby's version of the lightning storm...she is so smart! I don't like lightning does "hurt" your eyes...even under the covers!! LOL.

Wiz said...

Such cute pictures!

And I would flip out about the incident at school! A boy shouldnt even be in the potty with her! Where was the teacher??

gammydi said...

I'm not sure what I would have done about that boy? I am furious... you better hold this gammy back. unbelievable. ugh I'm so upset.... glad Abby is okay...