Thursday, March 8, 2012


The Spring Bug has hit our house!
We have been making small updates to our house, so thought I would share along with some cute pics of our gal!

Stu surprised us with curtains. I have been so wishy-washy and wanting to find the "perfect" curtains that he got tired of it :) and just went and bought some. Luckily for him, he did good!

This is the vacant dining room and he also got matching ones in the living room.

We still have some work to do with the upper window. These ugly blue curtains came with the house, but until we figure out what to do with them, they are staying to block to the sun. I am thinking just more white wood blinds (that we have been changing everything over to). Not sure what else we can do up there.
Abby found her alarm clock tonight. I actually put it in our guest room until I had the time to mess with it (i.e. make sure it works). And then pretty much forgot about it. I swear that spare bedroom.....I put stuff in there and just forget about it.

But the look on that little girl's face when it started playing Disney songs was priceless.
And my big purchase arrived today! A giant rug for the dining room!
I ordered it online so I need to flatten it out a bit. In case you can't tell, it is upside down with Abby's clothes bins on it.
Then Stu had the idea to move the guest mattress to help squash it. Which immediately led to a WW wrestling match on top of it.
And my proudest purchase! A 16X20 canvas picture of one of Abby's pictures.
Just to give you some perspective of how big it is. I don't know that it will stay there, but for now it is working.
I was taking pictures of the canvas when Abby was in the bathtub. She demanded that I come in there and take a picture of her as well.
I could just die over this picture.
Please notice how serious her face is in the mirror.
I "made" her sit still so I could play with her hair after bath time.
This is my first attempt at braiding her super fine hair. Not too bad, hopefully she will let me keep practicing!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Abby and I have a joint hair appt on Saturday, so hoping she behaves while I get my hair cut!

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