Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Recap Part 3 (Final)

This is the final recap!
We spent 90% of Sunday doing yard work. Last year at this time, I was probably complaining about apartment living, so I am just grateful that we have a house to do yard work at!
But later in the afternoon, we headed to Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party.

Abby has never actually been there before, so she was overwhelmed.

But she did love pushing buttons with Daddy!

She really enjoyed the kiddo games.
Please note the headband. She insisted on wearing this pink bow, but it is about 2 years too small for her head, so it kept riding up. It was too funny.
I think she loved the basketball games the best.
Oh wait. I forgot about the cake and lemonade. I am pretty sure that might have been her favorite part.
On a side note: We NEVER give Abby anything but milk. She loves milk, so for her to have any sort of sugar drink is pretty rare. She loves it, but by the time we got home, she was asking for milk again!
And of course the birthday girl! Bella is such a spunky little girl and watching her in the ticket grabby thing was the highlight. She loved it!

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